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Studies Of Home Elderly Service Industries Of Shenyang Urban Community Based On Welfare Pluralism

Posted on:2016-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330521951138Subject:Administrative Management
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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standard and medical conditions,life expectancy have extended continuously,which takes pension problems like aging population increases sharply and so on.As a city rushed into aging society 10,15 years before others,there is one fifth people are elderly.On the one hand,the one-child policy and the change of modern employment structure weaken the traditional family endowment’s function;on the other hand,because of its unique "hospital","isolation" characteristics,meeting the needs of the elderly mental and spiritual comfort becomes difficult.Community home endowment service’s industrialized road,marketing operation,commercialized management mode is not only benefit to deal with the aging population crisis and relieve the government’s financial burden,but also expand domestic demand,increase employment,and bring new economic growth point.However,the current development of pension services management has many problems.Reasons are that:lack of government policy guidance,supervision and inspection and the corresponding incentive mechanism,what’ more,the service content of enterprise is single,the professional knowledge of staff isn’t well,the integrity of service is bad,combined with the concept of community endowment is biased and the elderly pension payment ability is insufficient,etc.In this article,through learning lessons from foreign and domestic developed cities in developed regions community home endowment advantage with the development of the service industry experience,summed up the reform of urban community home endowment service of Shenyang,from the perspective of government,enterprise and community triple put forward relevant countermeasures:first,the government should increase pension supervision and inspection and strengthen the policy of support and guidance,and establish the related incentive mechanism,implementing industrial training guidance;Enterprise should develop services and improve staff professionalism,improve the service standard inspection and assessment;Community organizations should constantly perfect the construction of family endowment service center,providing the necessary support,and community volunteers hard better open "time deposit",elderly people can participate in employment actively again,which can ensure their pension payments.
Keywords/Search Tags:Aged tendency of population, Community, Home elderly service, Industry
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