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An Empirical Study On Public Satisfaction Of Equalization Of Basic Public Services In Heyuan

Posted on:2018-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330536478448Subject:Public administration
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Under the background of a service-oriented government and the construction of the new urbanization,the shortage of public service and imbalance caused by all sorts of problems emerge in endlessly,equal basic public services more and more be public concern.From the results oriented perspective,the equalization of basic public service performance is the public satisfaction.Therefore,the evaluation of public satisfaction of the equal access to basic public the service is particularly important.The introduction of public satisfaction in the work of the equal access to basic public service evaluation of the government,not only conducive to the theory study satisfaction evaluation of our local government public services,more conducive to enhance the capacity of government services,to meet the needs of the public,to broaden people’s participation channels,to improve the quality of basic public services.The related concepts of the equalization of basic public services public satisfaction and sampling survey are interpreted in this paper.Based on the analyzing the theory and experience from domestic and abroad,by comprehensive use of literature research method,empirical research method,combining research method,research on public satisfaction from Heyuan city in Guangdong Province,to explore the underdeveloped in the area of promoting the equalization of basic public services in the process of quality and efficiency.The empirical results show that the public in Heyuan City,the equalization of basic public services is in satisfactory condition,but the uneven development in every field,there are still differences between urban and rural public satisfaction.In the research on the architecture,this paper firstly introduces the background and significance of equalization of basic public services of public satisfaction research,the current research literatures from domestic and abroad.Secondly,expounds the theory of equal basic public services and public satisfaction,put forward the research area and the development of Heyuan City Regional equalization of basic public services are summarized.Third,according to the content of the basic public services build public satisfaction evaluation index system,and the structure of the questionnaire design and survey content.Based on public satisfaction questionnaire content,we clear object,time,survey method,sampling design,investigation,quality control,etc.,through the investigation of Heyuan City,the masses to implement the questionnaire,to obtain empirical data.Fourth,analyze the distribution of the sample of public satisfaction questionnaire for empirical data,reliability and validity analysis,frequency analysis and cross analysis of evaluation and comparative analysis of the statistical results.Finally,according to the evaluation results and the reality put forward countermeasures and suggestions to enhance public satisfaction of the equal access to basic public services in Heyuan city satisfaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Equalization of basic public services, Public satisfaction, Problem and counterplan, Heyuan
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