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Research On Public Satisfaction Evaluation Of Administrative Service

Posted on:2018-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330536483564Subject:Public Administration
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Going with the tide of government service reformation,the Administrative Service Center is the product of service-oriented government construction and “Internet Plus Government Service”,thus it is an important area of public administration.In order to implement the concept of service,it has kept exploring the way to improve the administrative serve since it was established,such as approving the project by many government sectors simultaneously instead of one by one to save time,paying attention to open and transparent information and application of Information Technology.However,the public is the object of service,therefore,when it comes to the final effects of exploration and reform,public estimate of administrative service quality should be considered.The paper will discuss infections on public satisfaction and problems of administrative service in the Administrative Service Center.Basing on the customer satisfaction theory,the paper centers on the administrative service in the Administrative Service Center,and make following hypothesizes: public expectation which is the prospection of administrative service will influence public estimate.The more the public expectation is,the more likely the service quality fail to fulfill it,thus the more disappointment the public have.In other words,public expectation is significantly negative correlated with public satisfaction;Service quality is the key factor to influence public satisfaction.Specifically,the quality of information and business handling,service awareness and service image could be analyzed.The more conception of service quality the public have,the better the public will estimate.By analyzing the data of the masses in the Administrative Service Center of city X,the paper verifies most of hypothesis: public expectation is corrected with public satisfaction,service quality and the factor of perceived quality such as information quality conception are strongly and positively related to public satisfaction.Some people are interviewed when he or she fills out a questionnaire.By analyzing these materials,it is found that there are several problems in the Administrative Service Center of city X.For instance,staffs are lack of service conception,the processes are complicated,the responsiveness are inadequate and the service quality of E-government is not good.With the consideration of questionnaire data,it is found that the lack of service awareness and deficiency of service responsiveness are the key factors leading to dissatisfaction.Therefore,starting with conception,information technology and institution and so on to perfect the Administrative Service Center and the administrative service quality,it should not only raise service awareness,strengthen the construction of responsiveness as well as deepen the integration of Internet and government service,but also strengthen administrative examination and approval system and other related reforms to improve the public satisfaction of administrative service.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Administrative Service Center, Administrative Service, Public Satisfaction, “Internet Plus Government Service”
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