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Study On The Public Satisfaction Evaluation Of Harbin Administrative Service Center

Posted on:2018-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2346330515975005Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the sixties and seventies of the 20 th century,the western countries have carried on the performance reform of the government administration to solve the problems of the traditional government regulation,such as low efficiency,high administrative cost,backwardness of service level and constraint to economic development,and so on.The massive reform movement is called the “new public management” campaign.In the process of administrative reform in western countries,the common practice is to introduce “enterprization” management and operation mode with market competition mechanism to improve the quality of government public goods,public services and government performance,so as to improve public satisfaction,regain public confidence and support,and ultimately to promote the steady development of society and economic harmony.In the 1990 s,under the promotion of economic globalization,the western administrative reform thought has developed deeply in China,and the government began to explore the built of service-oriented government.In this context,the local governments have established the administrative service center to promote the construction of service-oriented government.Administrative service center is a new type of government service agency.As a government simplified administrative examination and approval procedure,it optimizes the reform of administrative examination and approval system.It is not only the service of the government to the people,but also the government to the public image display window.Therefore,how to improve the service mode of administrative service center and the quality of service becomes the research focus of the government and academic field.Because the public is the service object of government,the evaluation of government service from it is convincing and authority.Therefore,it is necessary to give full play to the role of the public in the performance evaluation and obtain positive development of the administrative service center with objective and fair evaluation of the public satisfaction.In order to enrich the theoretical research system of administrative service center,promote the development and perfection of administrative service center in China.This study selects the weak and incomplete public satisfaction evaluation of administrative service center as a research topic.Take Harbin administrative service center public satisfaction evaluation as an example to explore,so as to make a contribution to the development of administrative service center.In the research of public satisfaction evaluation,based on the American public satisfaction evaluation model,the public satisfaction evaluation model is constructed by analytic hierarchy process and adjusting the variables through the actual development of Harbin administrative service center.Then the public satisfaction questionnaire is designed through the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to evaluate the satisfaction of the Harbin administrative service center.The determination of the weight of the whole quantization evaluation model,computing and data processing are based on software yaahp.The main research ideas of this paper are: firstly,it introduces the background,significance,researches at home and abroad,and expounds the basic concept,characteristics and theoretical basis of the administrative service center in detail.Secondly,based on American customer satisfaction index model and through the actual situation of Harbin administrative service center,it selects evaluation indexes to build evaluation index system,uses the principle of hierarchical analysis to determine the weight of each index by software yaahp and builds public satisfaction evaluation model.Finally,the public satisfaction metrization evaluation model is applied to the empirical study of Harbin administrative service center by using the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model,and the results will be used to find out the problems of public satisfaction evaluation of Harbin administrative service center and get the corresponding countermeasures.Through the study of public satisfaction evaluation of Harbin administrative service center,the author found that the public satisfaction evaluation model can clearly shows the public satisfaction state of the administrative service center and the existence of problems,so as to provide specific and effective countermeasures to promote the development and perfection of administrative service center.In addition,the public satisfaction evaluation of administrative service center with yaahp software is basically feasible,and it has many advantages such as saving time,accurate calculation and convenient operation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative service center, Public satisfaction, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, yaahp
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