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A Study Of Institutional Entrepreneurship,Interaction Ritual And Identity Crisis In The Extra-organizational Lei Feng Regiment,Based On The Grounded Theory

Posted on:2019-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The research is based on the status quo of the positive and passive attitude from the government and the public,respectively,of the socially public welfare institution aiming at exercising Lei Feng.For the purpose of exploring this phenomenal non-uniformity and further consideration of the relative research about spiritual civilization culture,we research government documentation and interview the interior stuff of the Extra-organizational Lei Feng regiment(the EOLFR in after part).The article selects institutional entrepreneurship,interaction ritual and identity crisis within the purview of social realm,to make the EOLFR an individual case,and to use the grounded theory as well as paperwork and interview to collect data,then to use the technology of open,axis and selective coding in turn,to make certain its concepts and categories to build an integral theoretical framework.That is,to use open coding finding concepts and domains primarily,then to use axis coding trimming the logical order of categories,then to use selective coding technology to scrutinize the most coral categories and around to analyze and integrate them to form the last monolithic frame in theory,and testify it in the end.The coral categories gotten from grounded theory are “two crisis”,that is,the crisis of the core members and of exterior cultural identity.There’s a good news for the last crisis that there exists a slowing-down tendency in it recently,lying in the cultural inheritance and the steady developing of the social harmonious strategy,since the government gradually abandon the hackneyed oral slogans and fake models via the new understanding of the EOLFR,to develop a new-style of ideal and belief’s inculcation with pertinence,and enforce the Lei Feng spirit with newly updated connotation.With the grounded theory the main viewpoints of the text are found as below:first,it’s of great importance of the selection of the EOLFR members since the command for them too high or too low shall do harm to the team’s educational role;second,the lowering quality of the EOLFR members do nothing use to the resolution of the exterior identity crisis,even not the whole crises are from their lowered qualities,or by the influence of environmental psychology as well.Third,neo-Lei Feng spirit is a contemporary moral so you can not compel the followers learn the high standards of the passing away;fourth,there’s no correlation and dependence even if the norm get backing from the government to reveal that he may possess the characters of optimism and confidence of health,and fifth,the EOLFR members of selflessness and of optimism and confidence shall feel apt to have a good ritual on the team’s elite attending the ceremony and the fulfillment of the action are favorable for the members purification so as to ease the identity crises.It in the end gives some police ideas and strategic advises etc..
Keywords/Search Tags:Lei Feng Culture, Institutional entrepreneurship, interaction ritual, identity crisis, grounded theory
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