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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures Of Qinhuangdao Primary School Teachers' Scientific Research

Posted on:2016-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330503964469Subject:Education Management
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The social environment of modern education has changed. In the era of knowledge economy and information society, knowledge can be added and updated with the speed of people. At present, the development trend of education requires that primary school teachers should be closely integrated with scientific research work.This article follows the principle of combining theory and practice, and makes a thorough investigation and Study on the problems and Countermeasures of the scientific research of primary school teachers in Qinhuangdao. Through investigation and Research on the current situation and the questionnaire survey data, on stage in Qinhuangdao City primary school teachers scientific research work status were investigated, using data summary and analysis concluded that the main problems existing in Qinhuangdao City elementary school teachers in scientific research work: education management institution, lack of investment in scientific research, incentive mechanism is not perfect; school too much emphasis on teaching, resulting in insufficient time teachers scientific research; teachers themselves lack of faith in scientific research, scientific theoretical knowledge is not enough system; research contents of virtual floating pan, and actual contact is not close; less to promote scientific research achievements, lack of follow-up development. This article mainly analyzes the factors that the primary school teachers in Qinhuangdao are: the lack of effective management, the lack of attention to the school scientific research, the lack of teachers' experience, the social environment utilitarian impetuous, and the high quality scientific research leaders. Combination of Qinhuangdao City elementary school teachers' scientific research the actual situation, puts forward the corresponding countermeasures of education authorities, schools, teachers, individuals, research content, research guide, to advance the Qinhuangdao City elementary school teachers in scientific research work development. Scientific research departments improve scientific research system, research work escort; school based on teaching, to create a good environment for scientific research; teachers should strengthen the theoretical study, and actively promote the scientific research ability; research content is rooted in practical work, set up the consciousness of self study; strengthening research guides people to take the lead role, effective teachers' scientific research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Primary school teachers, quality of teachers', professional development of teachers, Qinhuangdao City
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