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The Application Research Of Case Teaching In Pathology Teaching In Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2017-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Pathology is an important basic medical science that studies diseasesí pathogeny,pathogenesis,pathological change,clinical pathological correlation.Pathology tries to clarify the essence of organic pathology and provide necessary theoretical basis for understanding and grasping regularities when diseases happen and develop so as to prevent diseases.For a long time,traditional lecture method is often used in pathology teaching,in which teachers play the role of pure knowledge transmitters to give dull knowledge to their students.There are many disadvantages.During the case teaching,the teacher first puts forward a typical case,raises a few questions,then organizes discussions and finally sums up the whole lesson.The case teaching serves as a connecting link between basic medicine and clinical medicine.It can help students to understand and master the relationship between organic changes and diseases.Itís an effective teaching method.In the past decades,the case teaching research has been mainly used in middle schools or medical colleges and universities.But there is little research of case teaching in pathology teaching in secondary vocational schoolsThis research is performed in Shandong Laiyang Health School.The methods including literature,questionnaire,case study method are used in the thesis to study the following contents: background and significance,current situations both at home and abroad,application strategies,implementation,analysis,etc.By studying the case teaching,we find that students and teachers can make greater progress.The results are as follows: studentsí interest and subjective initiatives are motivated.At the same time,teaching effect is improved;studentsí abilities to analyze and solve questions and explain cases are trained,which is very good for students who will do in for clinical medicine after graduation;higher requirements are put forward to teachersí knowledge,capacities and responsibility.Their professional skills are also promoted.
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