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Research Into The Inner Teaching Quality Assurance System Of Universities Based On The Audit Evaluation

Posted on:2018-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512981589Subject:Higher Education
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From the 1990 s,the quality management of higher education quality began to enter into the important stage,and it has taken up the important position in all kinds of universities,these universities has began to construct their own teaching quality assurance system which combined with their own actual situation.The popularization of higher education has came into the world for a long time,the problem of teaching quality in universities has got the prominent attention from the specialists,and Ministry of Education and several universities has focus on establishing and improving the teaching quality of guarantee system in universities.The review is a model of assessment in undergraduate teaching evaluation system in Colleges and universities,its purpose is to ensure the quality of higher education,is the core concept of "with their own ruler." The new evaluation system needs enrich the teaching quality assurance system which combined with their actual situation in universities.Thus,from the view of assessment audit,the correct understanding of audit assessment,the guiding ideology,the key-point of evaluation have played an important role in the internal quality assurance system of universities.The theory of total quality management,the system of ISO9000 quality management standard and stakeholder theory are the theoretical basis for this paper,and they define the concepts of audit evaluation,teaching quality and teaching quality assurance system,obtain the successful experience from the UK,Australia and New Zealand at the same time,and analyze the development for the quality assurance system of the internal teaching in our universities,meanwhile,draw lessons from experience and get some revelations.According to the assessment of new requirements for the teaching quality guarantee system,and improve theteaching quality guarantee system in universities from the aspects of the target security system,support system,process system,the effect of security system,monitoring and feedback system,and then put some strategies forward from the point of objective orientation,the teaching quality standard,the teaching management system,the teaching quality assurance organization system.
Keywords/Search Tags:audit evaluation, the quality of teaching, the assurance system of teaching quality
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