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Study On The Personnel Management System Reform Demands Of Application-oriented Universities

Posted on:2018-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Application-oriented Universities is the product of the self-development of higher education.With the continuous development of social economy and self-innovation of higher education,The management system of Application-oriented Universities also needs to consider the situation and keep pace with the times.Since the end of 2014,the Ministry of education has repeatedly referred to guide a group of undergraduate colleges to Application-oriented Universities.It marks the transformation of local institutions into a national strategy.In the process of popularization of higher education in China,Guiding the part of the undergraduate college to the development of an Application-oriented Universities focus on the Economic and social development demand.Also it can solve the problem that Higher education personnel training is not consistent with Industry demand.As the core of college management system,personnel management system.In Application-oriented Universities is facing Internal and external development dilemma.Therefore,in order to adapt to the needs of local economic and social development,the internal and external development of personnel management system must be solved.This study lies in the reform,and lies in the differences between application-oriented institutions and research institutions in the construction of the personnel system and the demands of the external personnel system,rather than the general construction of the system itself.Firstly,make Quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis on the Literature search data.And summarizes the main contents and dimensions of the Application-oriented Universities personnel management system.Next,making the conclusion that the main difference between the Application-oriented Universities and the research institute of personnel management system is on the he system of teachers' construction.At the same time,summarize the four dimensions which affect the reform of personnel management system in Application-oriented Universities,external system support,teacher management system,subject echelon construction mechanism and teachers' classroom teaching system.Make the questionnaire on the basis of preliminary work,and test the reliability and validity of the questionnaire,make descriptive statistics and correlation analysis of the survey data,draw significant correlation factors,finally verify the accuracy of the dimensions.On the basis of the data analysis,the study gives out the internal and external reform strategy of personnel management system in Application-oriented Universities.Including implementing the Reform of personnel system in colleges and universities,clarifying the relevant personnel standards,making precision input in college personnel management,publishing social assistance policy.The internal reform strategy of personnel management system includes Establishing and perfecting teachers management system(Establishing and perfecting the management system of external teachers,establishing and perfecting the guarantee mechanism of teachers' professional development),promote disciplinary echelon management system(Establishing and improving reasonable construction mechanism of discipline team,constructing the dynamic system of discipline echelon construction driven by discipline construction),establishing and perfecting classroom teaching system(establish the transformation mechanism of the teaching mode,establish a perfect teaching quality evaluation system).
Keywords/Search Tags:Application-oriented Universities, personnel management system of Application-oriented Universities, reform demands, teaching staff construction, double-qualified teacher
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