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Research On The Construction Of "dual-professional" Teachers In Newly-built Applied Undergraduate Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2020-04-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The Speech Made by Xi Jinping in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China indicates to accelerate the construction of the world's first-class universities and the first-class disciplines,and to realize their exclusive developments,which is the guidance of China's all higher-education institutions,including the application-oriented universities.In the progress of higher-education's development,from elite education to public education and then to popularized education,many application-oriented universities have been established and developed rapidly since 1999.Statistically,there are 721 new application-oriented universities,taking up more than half of-all(58%)by the end of 2018,and they play a vital role in the higher education of China.Therefore such new application-oriented universities are significant to the improvement of higher education and even the strengthening the nation's power.The teacher-oriented strategy is the base of development,and teacher's level is the most important factor which determines the quality of education.In fact,the construction of dual-qualified-teacher-group is the key factor to cultivate the applied talents in the new application-oriented universities.However,the researches on the present situation are theoretically and practically insufficient,and we need to make the overall and further exploration.The dissertation takes "the research on dual-qualified-teacher-group in the application-oriented universities" as the topic,and takes "the pilot universities engaged in reform of Provinces" as the research object,in accordance with the process of problems finding,analyzing and solving,and combining with practical research and theoretical research.The dissertation summaries an in-depth study of the construction of teacher group,and puts forward countermeasures to strengthen the construction of the group,in order to make a great contribution to the form of the teacher-group-building in the new application-oriented universities.The macro perspective and the micro perspective are combined at the practical level,which focuses on the overall situation of 11 pilot universities in Province S,and specifically in the three departments of University A.The research uses text analysis,interviews and questionnaires.It includes case studies,comprehensive scanning,status and structure analyzing,and incentive measures investigation.Based on all those,using the inductive and deductive thinking methods,the dissertation explores the problems in the construction of dual-qualified-teacher-group in new application-oriented universities,and analyzes the causes of problems from the perspectives of human resource management,teachers' Professional development and ineentive mechanism.The situations of new application-oriented universities are sorted out at the theoretical level.According to the characteristics of the universities,the literature method,interview method,questionnaire method and factor analysis method have been used.The indicators for the standards of dual-qualified-teachers in new application-oriented universities provide a target-oriented perspective for the construction.The research finds that the construction of teacher-group in new application-oriented universities has varied connotations and lacks unified standards.The number of dual-qualified-teacher is insufficient,and the academic qualifications and structures do not meet the expectation.The situations as lack of practical experience,application ability,construction measures for dual-qualified-teachers and limited support,and so on,cannot meet the needs of cultivating applied talents.These problems are mainly caused by inadequate knowledge,insufficient research and institutions,inadequate channels for incremental supplements,imperfect incentives,weak hardware support and the formation of joint forces for the construction.The research also finds that the qualification standards of dual-qualified-teachers in new application-oriented universities mainly include five aspects as:professional ethics,practical application ability,teaching ability,theoretical knowledge level and personal mentality.The proportion of practical application ability is the most important one among them,which reflects the goal of training high-level applied talents in new application-oriented universities.At last,the research suggests that the construction of dual-qualified-teacher-group should be strengthened,and the combination of problem-oriented strategy and target-oriented strategy should be done properly.The competent government departments shall formulate basic standards for dual-qualified-teacher,reform management methods,formulate incentive policies,aiming at guiding enterprises to fulfill their responsibilities,and giving full play to the leading role.New application-oriented universities must play a major role,from planning,training,introduction,evaluation,performance appraisal,conditions construction,research support,etc.The teachers should actively adapt to the development of higher education,enhance practical ability and take all those as the core concept of professional development,so as to take the initiative of the professional development.And the teachers should actively carry out applied scientific research,participate in practical teaching,and strive to promote the continuous growth of their skills.
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