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A Review Of The Study Of Chinese Knowledge After The New Curriculum Reform

Posted on:2018-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Chinese knowledge is the core of Chinese Education Research,and an important carrier of Chinese education practice.In 2001,the Chinese curriculum standards of compulsory education(experimental draft)pointed out that it was not appropriate to pursue the systematic knowledge of Chinese,but to respect the students' unique feelings,and promote the overall perception of teaching,also canceled the "basic knowledge" of specialized entries.As a result,the upsurge of "Chinese knowledge" has been raised.The new curriculum reforms about Chinese knowledge from Chinese knowledge of "what","why" and "how to do" three aspects of classification,and in order for the ontology research,research method and value of Chinese knowledge three.In the study of the ontology of Chinese knowledge,the research mainly involves the concept,nature and content of Chinese knowledge and the concept of Chinese knowledge.Since the beginning of the new curriculum reform,the concept of Chinese knowledge has not been discussed.Influence of the modern concept of knowledge by the Chinese knowledge of the nature of the absolute objectivity,and ultimate to culture,circumstances and value.The content of Chinese knowledge is the most important part of this discussion.In the classification research,mainly three types,according to the general view of knowledge into declarative knowledge,procedural knowledge and strategic knowledge;Explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge are divided into explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge;According to the nature of curriculum,it is divided into tool knowledge and humanistic knowledge.In these three categories,according to the classification of general knowledge in the macro view of Chinese knowledge content of the classification has no in-depth study of micro,substantial progress has been made in the construction of ontology language knowledge content.The sense of language as tacit knowledge once again by the attention,and related research is still in its infancy,so there is no comprehensive discussion.The basic characteristics of the Chinese curriculum is defined as the unity of the tool and the humanities,and the humanities knowledge is gradually paid attention to,but it is necessary to guard against the contents of the "Humanistic" overhead Chinese curriculum.The value of Chinese knowledge is divided into two parts: "useful" value and "useless" value.The "useful" value refers to the knowledge of Chinese language material value,mainly by the Chinese knowledge value as a tool.The value of Chinese knowledge as a tool to use and the value of the bridge as a language ability,language literacy.The value of "useless" refers to the value of Chinese knowledge to the spiritual level of human beings,which involves two aspects: the emotional value and moral value of Chinese knowledge.Study on Chinese knowledge method should involve two aspects,namely,how to teach the language knowledge and language knowledge to learn.But the current research methods of Chinese knowledge are focused on "how to teach",not "how to learn",so the research and teaching strategies for still needs to be strengthened.From the perspective of students to study how to learn Chinese knowledge,is the field of Chinese language knowledge to be developed.
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