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A Study On Teacher Quality Assurance System Of Harvard University

Posted on:2018-09-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Asthe important human resources of colleges and universities,teachers have a pivotal position.Only to have a first-class team of teachers,the university can always keep the world first-class level,cultivate first-class talent,create a high level of scientific research,and then promote the development of the national economy and enhance the comprehensive national strength,occupy the dominant position in the competition.Among them,the establishment of a scientific and standardized quality assurance system is the key to ensure the construction of first-class teachers and academic research.Until now,there is a big gap between the quality of teachers in our country and the world first-class universities.In the introduction,assessment,promotion and treatment,and other aspects of the management of teachers is very successful at Harvard University,there is no doubt that this is due to the use of scientific and effective measures to ensure the quality of teachers.These successful experiences are worth learning and using for reference.Based on the existing problems in the construction of university teacher in China,this paper will deeply explore the quality assurance system of teachers in Harvard University,analysis the main characteristics,management principles and operating procedures and so on to carry out targeted induction and summary.Those will provide reference for the construction of high quality teacher team in colleges and universities in China.The quality assurance system of teachers is very complicated,which involves many aspects,such as the selection and appointment of teachers,assessment and evaluation,promotion and mobility,welfare and professional development of teachers.The analysis of the teacher quality assurance system of Harvard Universityneeds to be carried out from the above aspects.This thesis is divided into five chapters:The first chapter is introduction.The introduction mainly includes five aspects:the background,the significance of the research,the research status at home and abroad,the research methods and the basic concepts.The second chapter is the formation and development of Harvard University faculty.This chapter mainly includes the characteristics of Harvard University as a world first-class university,the initial construction of teachers and the gradual development of the situation.The third chapter is about the quality assurance measures of teachers in Harvard University.This chapter mainly includes the departments of autonomous teacher selectionand recruitment,management,teaching and research of teachers' performance evaluation and teaching evaluation,teachers' promotion and flow of teachers' salary management and benefits based on.The fourth chapter is the professional development of teachers in Harvard University.Introducing the two Harvard University teachers' professional development institutions,Derek Bok Center for Teaching andLearning and Faculty Development&Diversity,separately from the core purpose,their service objects,service projects and activities in the form of the classic four aspects.The fifth chapter summarizes the successful experience of Harvard University teachers' quality assurance measures and the enlightenment to our country.
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