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Research On The Problems Of Transformation From Newly-established Local Undergraduate Colleges And Universities To Application-oriented Universities

Posted on:2018-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330536959656Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities is the product of the development of higher education popularization.As an important part of higher education system,newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities' education level has been greatly improved and it has cultivated a large number of high-quality talents for the economic development of national and local society after nearly 20 years of development.However,there are still many problems in the course of its development.At the same time,with the deepening of the national supply side structure reform,our country's economy structure accelerating adjust,high technology industry and equipment manufacturing industry achieve rapid growth.Talent demand structure has undergone significant change,and the demand for application-oriented talents is more and more big.In view of this,in 2014 the Executive meeting of the State Council decide to "guiding the part of the ordinary undergraduate course colleges and universities transform to the application of technical of colleges and universities".the Report on the Work of the Government t once again mentioned continue to push to part of the undergraduate course colleges and universities' transformation in 2017.Therefore,it is very important to analyze the problems existing in the process of the transformation of the newly established local colleges and universities and to put forward the corresponding countermeasures.Through studying the problems existing in the process of transformation put forward the corresponding solutions in the government,society and school aspects and strive to promote the realization of the smooth transition to the applied university of newly established local colleges in China,this is the purpose of this paper lies.In this paper,literature analysis and comparative research methods are used.I build the framework of this paper on the basis of a large number of reading and analysis of relevant literature at home and abroad.This paper is divided into 7 chapters.In the introduction part,First introduced on the research background and significance of the newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities to the transition of applied university,and then analyzes the domestic and foreign research status of related issues.In the body,this research according to the research methods of " raise problems-analysis problems-solve problems " t,first of all,clarify key concepts about local undergraduate colleges and universities,the newly built undergraduate course colleges and universities and the university of applied,and introduce the theoretical basis of this article-modern theory of higher education management and the view of higher education quality.Then it analyzes the current development of China's newly established local colleges and universities and the motivation about the transformation.On the basis of this,sums up the problems in the process of transformation,and analyzes the causes of the problem from the three aspects of the school,government and society.In the fifth chapter the author takes the German University of Applied Science and Technology as an example to analyze the course of its creation,analyze and summarize its characteristics,and then form the experience of our country.The last part of the paper from three aspects: school,government and society to form transformation of the corresponding solution countermeasures.Hoping this paper can provide some reference and reference to the smooth transition of newly-built local undergraduate colleges and universities in China.
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