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Research On The Exercise APP And Its Influence On College Students' Physical Exercise Behavior And Effect

Posted on:2018-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330518487179Subject:Sports training
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With the rapid development of economy in our country, the arrival of information era, people are eager to have a health body,thus fitness become people pursue healthy way of life, a strong and happy and well-being life state to become the common pursuit of fitness enthusiasts. It is advocated that the use of electronic science and technology products to promote the development of national fitness and making technology products a national fitness service. Sports APP is developed in such a social environment and heat up quickly, the rapid rise of sports APP industry changing people's way of life, and also influence people's fitness participation.After the launch of the first sports fitness APP in 2012,a large number of APP products have emerged,and the APP market is maturing. But it is my starting point and inspiration that this new form of exercise can't achieve physical training. The purpose of this study is to study how exercise fitness apps affect college students' fitness behaviors.For providing theory support, the research significance is to promote the college students to take the initiative to use the APP to participate in the fitness t, enable students to active participation in sports APP fitness,and to form good habit of physical fitness, active,positive learning and life. First, the market scale and influence of the sports APP, and the features of the sports APP. Secondly, the formation of physical exercise behavior is analyzed,and it is certain that it has the effect of cultivating the practice of physical exercise. Finally, the effect of exercise behavior and effect was analyzed.By using the questionnaire survey method, literature method, market survey' method,experimental method and mathematical statistics analysis, this paper gives the following conclusions: (1) the sports APP market vigor and vitality, has a solid mass foundation,and great market influence and appeal; (2) the sports APP has distinctive features in interface,operability and versatility. The features of the interface are simple and clear, the operant feature is simple and fast, and the movement record saves, the speech prompt, the mobile phone band and so on increase the user experience degree. The comprehensive feature of the feature is a combination of multiple functions,adapting to the needs of the user. (3)through the exercise attitude scale from behavioral habits, goals, attitude, etc. Eight dimensions on college students' experiment certification, found that exercise attitude as a whole and not use sports APP significant differences of students,using movement after the APP significantly enhance students' exercise attitude, it shows that the sports APP plays an promoting role in college students' exercise behavior and habits; (4) using effect:APP as external factors can make up for the defect of part of college students' willpower,drive the physical exercise behavior of college students, promote the exercise of the initiative; The exercise time is more regular, the exercise time is prolonged and the duration is high; There was no significant difference between the students' own practice and their own training plans, indicating that students generally did not develop effective training programs. It is common for college students to not understand the exercise prescription, and they found significant difference in the amount of lung capacity after the experiment before and after the experiment, indicating that the exercise prescriptions provided by the APP were valid. Sports APP is a physical activity that encourages and inspires students to exercise. The exercise APP has a good workout and a variety of changes in physical activity that encourage students to engage in physical activity.Motion APP existing technology concentrated poor applicability, publicity is not big enough, sport co., LTD., the problem such as physiological index data is not accurate,hope to solve the problem,to promote stable and healthy development of the sports fitness plan.
Keywords/Search Tags:Exercise APP, comprehensive fitness, guide physical exercise, physical exercise behavior, physical exercise effect, investigation and research
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