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Research On Teachers' Participation In University Internal Governance Take C University In Zhejiang As An Example

Posted on:2018-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M R ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330518969753Subject:Public Administration
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With the development of higher education,the reform of higher education system has been paid more and more attention by the researchers of higher education.Why are teachers involved in university governance so much attention? That is because the teacher is the most important subject for University,is the first resource of university organization's survival and development,there are other participants incomparable advantages: with a wide range of academic knowledge,familiar with the teaching rules.Teachers' participation in university governance is not only the inevitable requirement for the university to realize democratic management,but also the necessary of the academic nature of university organization and the development of university.However,from the actual situation of our country,it is not ideal for teachers to participate in the internal governance.This study uses the method of literature research,questionnaire survey,interview,the actual situation of teachers in a university in Zhejiang to participate in university internal governance is carried out,based on the analysis of China's existing teachers participate in the university internal governance issues,such as their participation and governance lack of dominant position,weakening,academic the power of teachers' democratic power marginalized,lack of security system of perfect and effective participation mechanism,participate in the limited information,and analyzes the causes of the problem,aiming at the problems and reasons and puts forward some suggestions to improve our teachers' participation in University governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:University Governance, Teacher participation, University stakeholders
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