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The Study On The Participation Of The Civil Society In The University Governance

Posted on:2011-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360308969672Subject:Administrative Management
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With the transformation of modern university from the margins to the axis in society, its social function becomes prominent, the modern university must make efforts to satisfy the government, society, market, university administrators, teachers and students and other stakeholder groups. Thus, it should be more open and become the common activities place for the variety of value colleges. At the same time, the voice of stakeholders to take part in the public affairs becomes higher and higher, its tentacles has extended to the university position. Meanwhile, the concept of governance and the introduction of stakeholder have on the practice of our government and the operation of corporate, it's change impact on China's higher education and the contemporary university. So, the university must use the concept of governance. If the university has always closed and regardless of the interests of the stakeholders will not only makes itself into limited, but also has bad effect on the progress of the whole society. Therefore, in order to conduct the harmony of university governance in addition to government participation in the affairs, the appropriate involvement is a must. Currently, the participation of the civil society in Chinese university governance doesn't meet the need. How does the society participate, and resolve difficulties and problems as well as related theoretical studies are lagging behind. Practical observation, reflection and guidance are also lacking. In order to achieve the pluralism of university governance and integrated use of various resources to meet the needs of all stakeholders, a further understanding of the need for the participation of the civil society in the university governance development is necessary. Based on relative theories of the participation of the civil society in Chinese university governance as well as drawing on domestic and international participation experiences, the achievements, problems and reasons in the participation are analyzed and some stragegies and suggestions are proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:The participation of the civil society, University governance, Stakeholders, Mechanisms
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