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Study On Students Participation In Internal Governance Of Universities Based On The Stakeholders' Perspective

Posted on:2018-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the trends of popularization and democratization of China‘s higher education,the relationship between students,administrators and teachers has been quietly changed.Students' status in university governance has received more and more attention.In the history of the higher education development in western countries,"student‘s participation" was the elements and yeast of university emergence and development,and the silhouette of the social structure and cultural changes."Students participation" is related to the allocation of power and behavior within the university.This study regards the university as a typical stakeholders' organization in the perspective of stakeholder theory,dividing the stakeholders in the internal governance of the university into four levels,and administrative staff,teachers and students are the core stakeholders.University internal governance is the process of balancing the internal power of the university,and the process of its core stakeholder participating in the governance process is essentially the game process of the three kinds of powers: administrative power,academic power and student power.Three powers perform their duties and form the balances.It forms a ?coordination triangle? of internal governance in the power.The "integration triangle" is broken down into six modes: modes of three points,modes of the government as a supervisor,modes of the government as a facilitator,modes of the government as a supplier,modes of the government supports consumers and the modes of the government as a consumer.However,the investigation of the questionnaire among students of K University,and the case of "student affairs counselors" shows that students' power has not received proper attention.Students' participation in university internal governance also has dilemmas in the lack of participation cognitions,channels feedback,ability and mechanism.There are some routes to achieve better participation that we should improve the mechanism of students' participation andimprove students' participation ability.Students play the role of "participants" in the internal governance of the university,but they are the "one side" participants and the "dynamic participants" in the multi-agent coordination.We should strengthen the concept of multi-stakeholders collaborative governance,the establishment of student participation in the interactive mechanism of dialogue,and clear the power border of students' participation.The basic model of internal governance in modern universities will be all stakeholders' participation.Students' participation is the external performance of student power in the internal governance of university.Multi-stakeholders collaborative governance is the proper mode that principals governing school,professors governing learning and students performing autonomy,in the internal governance of the university.
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