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Comparative Study In Top Universities Alliance Mechanism

Posted on:2018-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330533465155Subject:Higher Education
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On November 5,2015,the state council issued by the double first-class construction overall plan,but how to speed up a group of world first-class universities and first-class disciplines has become the focus of attention from all walks of life,and the research problem of the operation mechanism of universities alliance is the effective exploration of double top construction.With the development of China's higher education internationalization,union of colleges and universities become a strong response to the external environment competitive pressure,first of all,the combination of universities alliance advantage can be complementary advantages,resource sharing and so on way to improve their competitiveness of colleges and universities,the second university alliance can share the risk produced by various universities in the process of development,through the alliance's own rules can effectively prevent excessive competition among colleges and universities,makes the alliance members can make a commitment to education in colleges and universities scientific research,to members of the development of colleges and universities better and in line with international standards.Universities alliance success depends on a sound operational mechanism,to explore its mechanism of our country university alliance is of great value.In this article,through comparative analysis of the Australian eight school alliances and nine schools of China union running mechanism of the similarities and differences,mainly from the operation mechanism of the three components to the analysis,dynamic mechanism,management mechanism,guarantee mechanism,and then improve the league's proposal to run in colleges of our country,mainly includes six aspects: to improve the operating mechanism,the reasonable choice alliance alliance partners,improve the benefit distribution mechanism,strengthen the cooperation of the depth and breadth,to strengthen the relationship with government and international brand influence government decision-making of education,strengthening the alliance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Colleges and universities alliance, Operating mechanism, Australian Go8, China C9
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