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Research On The Influence Factors And Mechanism Of Curriculum Alliance In Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2019-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The college curriculum alliance is a self-organization of colleges and universities,which is ba sed o n the joint develop ment and sharing o f curriculum resources.Itaimed at improving the quality of education,promoting the sharing of quality education resources,putting for ward fair education and reducing the education costs.However,the de velop ment of college curriculum alliances,especiallysustained and stable development,is influenced by many factors.It is very necessary and urgent to ana lyze and study the influe ncing factors of college curriculum and de termine the weights of each influencing factor on the impact of developing curriculum alliances and constructing the mecha nism of alliance.This is a very important reference value for the construction of college curriculum alliance mechanism and developingthe college curriculum alliance strategy in the future.This study uses the Analyt ic Hierarchy Process(AHP)to analyze the influe nce factor s of the university curriculum alliances,establishes the weight values of the influe nce factors of the alliance,and uses the system dynamics method to construct the mechanism mode l of the influe nce factors.It is concluded that the alliance pe rformance and the alliance guarantee and system are the college curriculum alliances.The biggest influence factor of the operation.Among them,the promotion of professional develop ment of teachers and the improvement of stude nts' autonomous learning ability in the performance of the alliance have a decisive influence on the performance of the alliance;the protection of intellectual property right s in a lliance guarantees and systems and the alliance human resources investment have a decisive influence on the protection of the alliance and the system.Therefore,this study mainly includes the following sections:The first part:Put forward the research background of college curriculum union,clarify the current status of college curriculum union research,explore the significance and value of the research,and introduce the theoretical basis and core concepts of this research.The second part: Through literature research,wecan summarizethe types and organizational forms of current college curriculum alliances.And use the density and centrality of the social network theory to analyze the closeness of various curriculum unionsfrom a macro-perspective.The third part: Relying on the literature research,we can generalize the influencing factors of university curriculum alliances,determine the alliance influe ncing factor system by issuing questionnaires to consult expe rts,analyze the reliability and validity of the influe ncing factor system,and establish the de gree of membership of the alliance influencing factors,leave out the irrelevant influencing factors,therefore,we canbuild a more complete system of influe nc ing factors in college curriculum alliances.We use the analytic hierarchy process to assign weight values to the influencing factor system and carry out consistency checks on the weight values to verify its accuracy.The fourth part: We can establish the order parameters of the influe nc ing factors of the university curriculum alliance,and construct the system dynamics model of the mechanism of the influe ncing factors of university curriculum union.According to the mechanism model and the weight value of the influencing factors of university curriculum alliance,we can also give a strategic suggestion for the construction of college curriculum alliances.
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