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Value Analysis To The Policy Of The Transformation Of Newly-established Local Undergraduate Colleges

Posted on:2016-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330479953968Subject:Higher Education
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Since the State Council issued ?the Decision on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education ? in 2014, which put forward to lead some ordinary undergraduate course colleges and universities transit to application-oriented university.Some provinces are carrying out pilot work of the transformation and development of the newly-established local undergraduate colleges. At present, the newly-established local undergraduate colleges more than half the size of the country’s total number of undergraduate colleges and universities. There are different attitudes and acts in response to the policy. The transformation of newly-established local undergraduate colleges can promote mainly comes from the Government’s strong policy support.Education policy is the result of value choice. The study based on the policy about the transformation of newly-established local undergraduate colleges. In text analysis method,the study draw the text value of the policy structure is mainly dominated by entity value through encoded the policy texts, while the symbolic value takes a decisive role. Based on value analysis framework and combined with the background of the policy, to make a deep analysis of the policy on value choice. We found that justice and fair as the fundamental value of education policy are not significant in the policy texts. In entity value, the economic value is the dominance value. Ideological value plays a decisive role in in symbol value. Then the study reflected value choice of the policy from the perspective of Property of higher education, we believe the current value selection and recognition on economic value mainly because the conditions to show economic property of higher education have been sufficient in the current. And government has such a pressing need and the power to make choice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly-established local undergraduate colleges, Education policy, Value selection, the Property of higher education
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