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Research On The Transformation From The Newly-established University To Application-oriented University In Shanxi

Posted on:2018-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330521451485Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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The needs of the society promote the development of higher education.Under the background of the “New Normal”,the economic Transition and the optimization upgrade industrial structure require that universities should perform their functions well and cultivate a large number of applied talents.The Newly-established University fufills the main functions of serving society,and it should assumes the responsibilities to serve the regional economy.At the same time,higher education popularization brings change to universities.The Newly-established Universities the at the bottom of pyramid of higher education face the systemic difficulties about the orientation of running colleges,the training mode of the talents,the problem of specialized establishment and the construction of the qualified teachers.The Newly-established University in Shanxi has the same problem.Most of them follow the development path of the research university.The tendency of valuing academic education and despising applied education is widespread.As a result,the talents can’t meet the demands of the development of social economy,and the universities sink into the developing predicament.It’s the inevitable choice for the transformation from the Newly-established University to Application-oriented University to solve the problem of development of the universities in Shanxi.The paper analyzes problems of the Newly-established Universities in Shanxi deeply through collecting relevant data and information,and puts forward strategies of transformation.The paper is divided into four parts:The first part describes the background of the transformation,the research purposes and significance.And then it organizes the overseas research dynamic about application-oriented University.The second part expounds the necessity and feasibility of transformation.The third part analyzes the running actuality and concludes problems in development of the Newly-established Universities in Shanxi.The problems include four aspects:(1)The universities is lack of school-running autonomy and financing investment;(2)The orientation of running colleges is similar in different universities,and the service function is not clear;(3)The specialties are disconnected with the economic needs,and there is unreasonable proportion about courses;(4)The universities face the problems of the weak resource and the irrational structure of teachers.The fourth part puts forward the strategies of transformation according to the problems.The strategies include three levels:the government,the university and the society.The government should creates a better environment to promote the development of applied undergraduate education.It includes that doing the top design,reforming the personnel management system,increasing funds,guiding the specialties,regulating and controlling the enrollment amount.The university should adapts to the situation of the reform and development of applied undergraduate education.It should be positioned correctly about the object of talent cultivation,the service function,the teachers,the specialities and the courses.The society should builds social atmosphere what is good for the development of applied undergraduate education.It includes that reversing social conception,increasing treatment of applied talents,strengthening cooperation and exchange of the university-industry-research.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Newly-established University in Shanxi, Applicationoriented University, Applied Undergraduate Education, Transforming, Strategies
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