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The Reforming History And Development Trend Of Doctoral Talents Cultivating In Japan

Posted on:2018-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the doctoral admissions expanding,knowledge production mode transforming,the academic logic and market logic changing,the world have been beginning to examine their doctoral education and reform the doctoral training pattern.The doctoral talents cultivating in Japan,based on learning from the west,dealing with the local and innovating independently,has formed the coexistence of Dissertation-Based Doctor and Course-Oriented Doctor at the moment,compared to Recommending-Based Doctor and Dissertation-Based Doctor before the World War II.Since the 1990 s,under the close cooperation of the government,university,and industry,the Course-Oriented Doctor program in Japan has been constantly innovating and made remarkable achievements.The research is to present the overall situation and development trend of doctoral talents cultivating in Japan since the Meiji,via the study on Recommending-Based Doctor,Dissertation-Based Doctor and Course-Oriented Doctor respectively.The study is mainly based on the contents of laws and policies,respectively the “Imperial University Order” and the three “Degree” before the pre-war,the “School Education Law”,“Degree Regulations”and “Graduate School of Installation Standards” after the World War II,the revisions of kinds of laws,the three “Graduate School Education Promotion Policy”,Program for Leading Graduate Schools and Excellence Graduate School since the 1990 s.Based on the purpose of the study,the policy evaluation and implementation are also contained,mainly in the form of data and cases.The doctoral training system in Japan is large and complicated.Thus,how the three elements are performed in specific universities and specific disciplines are excluded.At the same time,considering the uniqueness of medicine,dentistry and veterinary medicine,the research doesn't contain the contents of the above mentioned.In addition,the developmental research is just based on the scholars from Chinese and Japanese,and the vision is limited.
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