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A Theoretical Study On The Interpretation Andcultivation Of College Students' Aesthetic Personality

Posted on:2018-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The personality education of college students is an important content of higher education.At present,especially the college students' personality crisis in advanced education has become a problem that not' s allow to ignore,college students' personality education is becoming more and more important that cause the attention of the researchers.Aesthetic and personality have a natural internal relationship,aesthetic education can play an important role in college students' personality education,and that can promote the integration of personality education and aesthetic personality education.The purpose of this study analyze the connotation of aesthetic personality and aesthetic personality education,revealing the exist problems of the aesthetic personality education of college students,and put forward some suggestions for the development of college students 'aesthetic personality education according to the characteristics of college students' personality development.This study mainly uses literature analysis and comparative analysis.This paper starts from the analysis of aesthetic personality theory and further deduces the interpretation of aesthetic personality through the review of the literature review of personality.It mainly includes three parts: the pursuit of beauty,the aesthetic experience and the unity of beauty and beauty.This paper thinks that aesthetic is a kind of personality.The highest level of personality structure is the inevitable trend of ideal personality.At the same time,defining and distinguishing the aesthetic personality and moral personality,it is considered that the moral personality is more restrained and repressed,and the aesthetic personality is more free and liberated.The aesthetic is the best way to realize the moral personality.The aesthetic personality is the essence of the individual,has the aesthetic characteristic and can demonstrate the freedom and the integrity of the person.In the process of individual socialization,the individual's character,temperament,ability,need,motive and so on can reach the realm of beauty harmony and innovation.Therefore,we can draw the aesthetic personality harmony,uniqueness,creativity,transcendence and so on.Through the analysis of aesthetic personality education,this paper argues that aesthetic personality education is an important part of aesthetic education,is a specific stage of aesthetic education,is the highest level of aesthetic education and requirements.The aesthetic personality education should also have its own unique principles and contents.Based on the connotation and role of aesthetic personality education,the principles of aesthetic personality education can be summed up as four basic principles of pleasure,image,creativity and vividness.Aesthetic knowledge,aesthetic experience,aesthetic environment and self-cultivation are the main content of aesthetic personality education.Through the analysis of the basic characteristics of the development of college students 'personality,the factors that affect the shaping of college students' aesthetic personality and the uniqueness of the development of college students 'aesthetic personality,the conclusions are as follows:(1)The development of college students' personality development should be based on the personality development stage and the corresponding personality cultivation method;(2)There are many factors that affect college students' aesthetic personality shaping biological genetic basis,current situation of the development of personality,education and environment edification;(3)The current personality education of college students emphasis on moral education,college students prevalence of personality Lack of integrity,aesthetic values deviation and other issues.Finally,it analyzes the current difficulties of the aesthetic personality education of college students,including the misunderstanding of aesthetic personality education and the deviation of the practice of aesthetic personality education.In view of the above analysis,it is concluded that the aesthetic personality education of future college students should strengthen the discipline construction of aesthetic personality education,to construct the curriculum system of aesthetic personality education,and improving the way of aesthetic personality education and to optimize the way of extracurricular aesthetic personality education to jointly promote the education of college students' aesthetic personality.
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