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Research On Evaluation Of Management Level Of Shared Training Base In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2018-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330539475398Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The demand of skilled personnel increasing year by year because of social progress and economic development,which puts forward higher requirement for higher vocational education,it also promotes the reform of higher vocational education.Different from ordinary higher education,the original intention of higher vocational education is cultivating personnel by practice.Through the cultivation of high skilled personnel,it can meet the demand of first line involving production management and construction services.Shared Practical Training Bases(SPTB)is the main place to cultivate personnel of higher vocational colleges,which plays an important role in the process of practice teaching.At this stage,there are some widespread problems of SPTBs,most of SPTBs pay more attention to construct base rather than manage it,which is far from achieving the goals by taking market requirement as guide to cultivate high-quality applied personnel.Understanding the management status of SPTBs,improving the management level of SPTBs,playing the role of SPTBs in personnel practice cultivation are becoming an important research subject of higher vocational colleges.Reading relevant theory of higher vocational education,research results of SPTBs home and abroad,policy documents of government,considering the suggestions of higher vocational colleges’ experts,five features of higher vocational education and the actual situation of SPTBs,the initial management level evaluation index system of SPTBs is constructed.The evaluation indexes are correct based on the results of BPTBs’ pre-research in Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Architectural Technology.In order to get comprehensive results,we research five BPTBs in Jiangsu Province by questionnaires.Based on the software SPSS and AMOS,according to the final evaluation indexes and data,Reliability Analysis,Validity Analysis and Factor Analysis are using to analysis the sample.Otherwise,index weights and final model are determined by using Structural Equation.To test the applicability of index model,taking Xuzhou Vocational College of Industrial Technology’s SPTB for an example,using Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation,the actual management level of SPTBs is obtain.The results show that the management level of SPTBs is relatively low,and it provides a lot of space for SPTBs to improve.Among first grade evaluation indexes,which is composed of higher vocational education features involves advancement and professionalism and so on,scores of openness management level is lowest,scores of vocational management level is highest.The curriculum of BPTBs in higher vocational colleges can’t meet the demand of the market,unsound incentive mechanism reduce the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in,policy and funding from government is discontinuous are all affect the management level of SPTBs.The results of this research provide guidance and reference for managers in SPTB to understand the actual management status,make reform plans to improve the management level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher Vocational Education, Sharing Type Training Base, Management Evaluation Model, Structural Equation Model, Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
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