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Research On The Problem Of Violence In Primary And Secondary School

Posted on:2019-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330542990309Subject:Education management
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Since the reform and open policy,along with our country economy fast stable development,people's living standard has been greatly improved,comprehensive national strength enhanced markedly.However,accompanied by caused by Chinese economic development and social transformation,a series of deep-seated contradictions resulted in recent years the campus violence in our country is banned repeatedly more than,and showing a rising trend,has become a threat to the life and health of the outstanding problems of adolescent students in China,directly affect the harmony of the whole society and the future of our motherland.Development,is directly related to the success or failure of the socialist cause in china.Therefore,the problem of violence has become a hot issue of social concern and solve the school campus.Further analysis of the school campus violence,eliminate the threat of adolescent students' study and life of violence risk,maintenance of adolescent students learning and growth environment,conform to the Chinese education development request,for China's current education system reform and improve the quality of education quality of primary and secondary school students has an important guiding significance.The first part: the definition of school violence.Based on the summarization of campus violence in middle and primary schools in the induction,found the general characteristics of campus violence,and then combined with the special characteristics of the middle and primary schools,summarizing the connotation of campus violence in primary and secondary schools,the school campus violence refers to receive nine years of compulsory education during the period of the students,in the school teaching activities or organizations outside activities process in the school,and has responsibility for the management of schools,occurrence site and other educational and teaching facilities,living facilities,violations by physical or psychological violence objectively caused damage and threat to their health or property.On this basis,starting from the connotation of campus violence,according to different standards,further analysis of specific forms of campus violence in primary and middle schools of different.The second part: the present situation and the harm of campus violence in primary and middle schools.Since the reform and opening up,under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party,China has achieved nine years of compulsory education in the national scope,which greatly promoted the progress of socialist education with Chinese characteristics,provides the knowledge people ever fount only reserves for the socialist modernization construction of our country.However,in recent years,with the development of social economy and the diversification of the accelerating in the education,has become a "cancer of middle and primary schools of our country violence in schools".In the new situation,the current school campus violence presents new characteristics obviously,this is China's current school education,students,parents and the society has brought serious harm.The third part: the cause of school violence in primary and middle schools.The cause of violence in primary and middle schools are complex,diverse,and according to the factors resulting in the primary and middle school campus violence in the process of different,generally can be divided into four aspects,namely the student individual factors,family factors,school factors,social factors.Among them,the age characteristics of its students is the internal cause,violence occurs frequently in the school campus to society,families and schools,is the school's external violence.Therefore,to solve the campus violence of this phenomenon in primary and secondary schools,must be from two aspects of inside and outside at the same time,it is necessary to improve the ability of students to understand things,consciously avoid violence,and at the same time,society,family and school should also act with united strength,actively with the growth characteristics of students,improve the good environment for students healthy growth.The fourth part: the campus violence of primary and secondary prevention and disposal system.The school campus to control violence is a system engineering violence diversity and complexity of the school campus.Therefore,based on the treatment and prevention of school violence of the time have,can prevent and disposal system of campus violence in primary and secondary schools generally for the construction of two basic aspects of ecological system of school violence prevention system of primary and secondary schools and perfect school campus violence disposal afterwards.Practice has proved,only the parties to make concerted efforts,multi-pronged approach,to eliminate various negative factors of junior high school campus violence,effective prevention and treatment of primary and secondary school campus violence,to protect the flowers of the motherland.
Keywords/Search Tags:Primary and Secondary School, Campus Violence, Causes, Prevention
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