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The Prevention Research Of Campus Violence In American Primary And Secondary Schools

Posted on:2011-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Campus violence is the most important performance of youth violence. In recent years, violence in schools around the world has increasingly become a serous social problem,violent incidents tends to be more frequently, the way the violence is committed more violent and traumatically hurtful.Campus violence has become a serious social problem,the analysis and research of campus violence has become a popular focus of attention.The United States is one of the developed countries which have more serious campus violence, as well as a pioneer in the study campus violence. The studying of the status and trends of campus violence, and then explore the reasons behind the violence in the United States is of great practical significance.At the same time, we can draw many experience and inspiration from the the policies and measures adopted by the American in the prevention of campus violence.This paper was divided into five parts:The first part introduces the origins of the topics and situation of study, and the scope of campus violence in American schools is defined as:the violence occurred in American primary and secondary schools; its victims and perpetrators were all students in the acts of violence. The second part, the status of campus violence in American schools has been studied, such as the characteristics of perpetrators and victims; the characteristics of the school involved in campus violence; several forms of campus violence such as school bullying, shootings, sexual harassment, etc.The third part expound in detail the causes and roots of American campus violence,respectively from the perspective of the individual;family;society and school. Which Including the personality psychology and behavioral defects of Youth Students; the changes in American family structure and function; the cultural specificity in America, the negative impact of modern media;the gun control problems.The fourth part analysis the prevention strategies adopted by the American government, the community and schools to address the problem of campus violence. We can learn many inspiration and reference from its effective factors for the prevention and solution of Chinese campus violence problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:The United States, Primary and Secondary schools, Campus Violence, prevention
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