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A Probe Into Primary And Secondary School Violence In American

Posted on:2009-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, school violence events around the world continue to happen and the degree is escalating. These have brought great harm to the learning and growing of the young people. Therefore, school violence has aroused widespread attention of social public.The United States is one of the countries whose school violence are more serious in the world, and at the same time it is one of the developed countries who earliestly begin to study school violence. Therefore, through the exploration and analyse of the status, causes and preventive measures of primary and secondary school violence in the United States, can help us deepen our understanding of school violence, and we can seek reference and draw lessons from related measures and theory to prevent and resolve the issues of primary and secondary school violence of American.On the basis of domestic and foreign-related materials' research, this paper has clearly defined the concept of violence and school violence, and the scope of research objects is defined as: First, the violent behaviors happened in campus; Second, the perpetrators of violence are students. Through concluding and analyzing, the typical types of American primary and secondary school violence are: bullying, shootings, sexual harassment, violence aroused by celebrations, assaults to school staff, violence of network.During different historical periods and different stages of development of society, the characteristics, situations and types of school violence are not same. Based on a literature research of a large number of literatures, this paper describes the development status of American primary and secondary school violence in different periods , and analyze the school violence's harms to the perpetrators and victims,and analyze personal characteristics of the perpetrators and victims.The main causes of American primary and secondary school violence are the four aspects: First, the reasons of personal aspect. The young children in primary and secondary schools are exercising the period of puberty.They are vulnerable to have psychological treason and be impacted by peers'pressures, but also have greater emotional fluctuations. When they are criticized by teachers or encounter other issues, school violence will easily happen. Second, the reasons of family aspect. Due to the impact of the 1960s "sexual liberation", the U.S. family's divorce rate has been the top in the world, therefore, in the United States,there are a lot of single-parent families. There are problems in parents'educational methods. These methods which are too doting to children or too punitive, will make the children have more and more bad habits. Third, the reasons of social aspect. The overrunning of American social violence culture; serious adolescents' drug abuse and excessive drinking; because the chaotic management of firearms, young people very easy to obtain guns and ammunition; existence of racial discrimination in schools,these all compose the social factor of school violence events. Fourth, the reasons of schools .Because the American education in schools is a kind of education which advocates personal nature and free development, so the schools'orderliness is slightly poor. And their moral education are inefficient. These all compose the causes that cause violence of the American primary and secondary schools.As the United States'primary and secondary school violence's problem is not just a problem within the school, but a social problem that caused by all aspects of the society and these aspects intertwine each other. Therefore, it needs the forces of families, communities, schools and other departments to chronically work together to solve this problem. According to the four causes of primary and secondary school violence, the American societies have positively taken prevention and resolution measures from four aspects. The measures of family aspect are: American societies advocate parents to work hard to build a harmonious family atmosphere and often communicate with their children. On family education manner, they opposite taking extreme manners, such as dotage or excess Corporal Punishment, so on. The measures of social aspect are: strengthen the control to the violence culture and firearms.The measures of the states and U. S. Federal:Since the 1990s, the U. S. federal government promulgated a number of legal policies in order to provide legal protections for the solution of school violence events. Each state also separately enacts regulations suitable for their own actual conditions to resolve school violence. The measures of schools are:the school provide students with psychological counseling services, develop character education and establish virtuous relationships between schools and polices, and so on .In conclusion, by these laws and policies and the implementation of the schools'plans, the situation of U. S. school violence events has improved in a certain extent and presented lenitive trend on the whole.
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