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Research On How Do The Application-oriented Colleges Serve Local Place

Posted on:2018-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330566457726Subject:Public administration
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With the rapid popularization of higher education,application-oriented universities emerge as the times requires.It is the novel type of domestic higher education,and it is also the main force to implement the application-oriented higher education.The aims of application-oriented university education is to serve the social development and cultivate application-oriented talents.This fully reflects the university's function of social services.Facing the situation of transformational development among universities,application-oriented universities take “facing the local region,serving the local region” as their orientation and strive to enhance their capacity to serve the social development.How to give full play to social service function has aroused widespread concern of higher education workers in our country because researching on how do the application-oriented colleges serve local region is not only the need for the universities' self-development,but also the necessary requirement of local economic and social development.Application-oriented university serving local region is still in its infancy.There are a series of problems in this process.Taking Shangluo University as an example,this paper discusses the main problems which exist in the process of universities serving the local place,such as the imperfection of the system,the mismatching between majors setting and economic structure,the mismatching between the talents training specifications and social requirement,and the loose relation between universities and society.Meanwhile,the author also gives the reason why these problems exist in the paper.For instance,the concept of ideas and the education philosophy of both teachers and students are not transformed effectively;the structure of teaching staff and teachers' quality don't meet the need of society;the conditions for running school and basic supporting capacity are imperfect;The local government's support and investment are insufficient.All the reasons cited above hinder the application-oriented university serving the local place.In order to effectively promote the capacity of application-oriented university serving local construction,and exert the social service function of universities,the author mainly proposes strategies for application-oriented universities to serve local place.The strategies are given from five perspectives: changing the idea of running university,promoting professional construction,improving the quality of teacher staffs,deepening the reform of education and teaching,and constructing a perfect system.After achieving these five aspects,application-oriented universities will offer better services for local economic construction and social development.
Keywords/Search Tags:application-oriented universities, social services, strategies
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