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Research Of The Occupation Career Planning Education For Students In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2016-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330470461420Subject:Ideological and political education
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College students’ career planning education research is an important part of higher education research in our country. It plays an important role to promote college students’ vocational education, professional development and career success. This article is based on the education idea and the reality of the education system at the present stage in China. With the increasing employment pressure, and the strengthening of the students’ employment consciousness, career planning is drawing more and more attention of the higher vocational colleges and students. In the education system of our country the career education has not been involved in the content, higher vocational college students have no or almost no idea about the basic theory and the related concept of career planning.Through the research of students’ occupation career planning education in higher vocational colleges, it has very important significance to help college students in their employment. This article studies occupation career planning education of the college students from the angle Vocational Colleges combined with the characteristics of students in higher vocational college development stage and the lack of background knowledge, which establishes concepts and career planning consciousness to stimulate interest in the role. So let the students pay attention to their own occupation development. We can only have the possibility to complete the development and employment guidance of college students occupation career overall educational goal if we clarify the significance of occupation career planning education.There are five parts in this essay. The first part is introduction, which contains the basis and the value of this subject, and the present situation focused on this subject from home and abroad. The second part explains some basic concepts of carrier planning theory in order to show the necessity of studying carrier planning. In the third part, we can find a clear way in study by analyzing the present situation of college students’ carrier planning, and then systematically analyze the personal factor, occupational and environmental factors which influence the carrier planning. In the fourth part, by exploring college students’ personality, interest, ability and values, they can grasp the methods of carrier exploring and selfmanagement, and deeply know the relationship between college study and future development, thus stir their inspiration to carrier planning. The fifth part analyzes carrier’s social and environmental situation presently, which makes college students clarify their direction in carrier development and choosing.
Keywords/Search Tags:occupation career, factors, self exploration, exploration of occupation
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