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The Construction And Practice Research Of The Training Mode Of The School-enterprise Cooperation Talents For The Professional Sports And Bodybuilding Of Leisure Sports

Posted on:2017-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the "healthy China" promoted under the background of national strategy,"leisure" has become an important element of People's Daily life,all kinds of healthy casual sport is gradually into the people's life.Professional sports and leisure is becoming a hot spot each college sports professional education,special fitness fitness leisure sports is the one of the main direction of talent cultivation.Compared with western leisure sports in China,however,started relatively late,the research is insufficient,some problems remain to be further explored.In this paper,based on the above background and practical,in the research and combing the leisure sports professional education on the basis of the basic situation,basing on college department of leisure sports fitness,bodybuilding special for case study,using literature data,field survey,interview,questionnaire investigation,case analysis,and summarized research methods,such as the professional sports fitness leisure fitness special university-enterprise cooperation personnel training to "management,cultivating,teachers,curriculum,teaching practice and employment" and so on six big system construction and practice of research,and finishing the initial mining ",the two wings,with six system " the practice of university-enterprise cooperation pattern main effects and the related problems and trouble,so as to provide beneficial reference for innovative fitness fitness training and reference.The research says:1."A heart,the two wings,six system" of university-enterprise cooperation mode which can realize the independent colleges "schools,companies,three win" goal.Independent colleges use & quot;A heart,two wings,six system & quot;University-enterprise cooperation mode-take the student as the center,in enterprises and schools,for wings,obtain the & quot;Construction management system,constructing the system of characteristic cultivation together,common construction quality teaching system,common innovation of modern curriculum system,establishing practical teaching system and build together students employment system & quot;As the core content,has realized the & quot;Enterprise culture propaganda to attract talents,target,school personnel training goal,scientific research,social service,students to learn to think,to learn,is leading the target & quot;Win-win-win situation.2.Still exist in the process of university-enterprise cooperation to promote the level of the problem of insufficient support.Social lack of attention to talents training in university-enterprise cooperation and investment;Enterprises in the process of cooperation training support and integrated into the degree of still need to further strengthen;School as to cultivate the students' main body unit,is shouldering the social sports guidance personnel,responsibilities,to promote the development of the national fitness the initiative should continue to strengthen the cooperation between colleges and deep going.Visible,in the heart,the two wings,six system mode,in the operation of the society,enterprises and schools could not be "one less",its the output of the talent,the introduction should be proactive,to do advance planning,save for a rainy day,as actively.3.Although this study owing to many reasons were lacking,but "a heart,the two wings,six system" pattern can be popularized to independent colleges and universities outside the colleges and universities.Independent college leisure sports fitness fitness professional applied talents cultivation has been out of university-enterprise cooperation in running schools train paths,to cultivate more fit the market demand of applied talents fitness bodybuilding.At the same time,because of independent colleges and schools and other regular institutions of higher learning in the educational aspects of the nature of "similarity" decision ",the two wings,with six system " mode can also be found in ordinary colleges and universities effective path,it also needs to be academic colleagues continue to in-depth study.Of course,because this article only to the institute as a case study,the research also has certain deficiency,sustained and in-depth also remains to be further research.
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