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Research On The Countermeasures For The Construction Of "double-skilled" Teachers In Private Undergraduate Colleges In The Transition Period

Posted on:2018-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330542463220Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Our country is in the transition period of economic development,the rapid development of economy and society requires a lot of labor have more practical professional skills,while the traditional education students from the theory and practice of light weight.The final result of talent cultivation and social demand has been a serious gap in the situation,Graduate skills cannot meet the actual demand,it will inevitably lead to huge employment contradiction over a long time.On the China Development Forum held in March 22,2014,Vice Minister of education Lu Xin pointed out in order to solve the employment structure contradictions of China's economic development and create the mode of education for new era,in Chinese 2500 colleges,there will be more than 1600 colleges take occupation technology education as the core task,especially nearly 600 colleges after the "upgraded" in 1999.These local colleges will gradually transit to modern vocational education and dilute the discipline education,strengthen the professional skills,training of skilled personnel.With the rapid development of non-government funded education,the construction of teachers of private colleges in China is lagging behind,especially in the period of transition to the application of technology-based universities;it will be a huge challenge to the private colleges with less faculty.Teaching Staff determines the running level and the healthy and sustainable development of the University of Applied Technology.This paper takes F University as the research object,by using the questionnaire method,it analyses the actual situation of the in-service teachers and "double-quality" teachers,which tries to find out existing problems and reasons of the teachers team construction.It tries to find the countermeasures to contribute a successful completion of the construction of the "double" teachers of F University,which prepares the basic transformation of Applied Technology University Preparatory work.Through this research,it provides sufficient theoretical material of teachers' team construction for private colleges in the transition period to applied technology university.In addition,making a deeper analysis of the teachers' construction under the background of the transformation of the private colleges can help the private colleges do a better job in the transition period and establish a more professional,more excellent "double quality"teachers team,which provides a practical significance to similar colleges.through all the discuss of the paper,there are three reasons which troubled the transformation of private undergraduate college to contribute the teachers team:first of all,from the school point of view,the lack of effective incentive mechanism and training system of"double-quality" teachers effect the teachers team construction;secondly,from the teacher's perspective,the normal teachers don't pay much attention on"double-quality" teachers and the lack of consciousness of self development are the hindering reasons.Finally,from the enterprise perspective,the lack of understanding on"double-quality" teachers,the distempered system of training of "double-quality"teachers and lacking of investment are the reasons which make the teachers' practice weak.In a word,by learning the advanced experience from the developed countries,it summed up the specific measures on "double-quality" teachers team construction of F University,which has an important significance for the "double-quality" teachers team construction under the background of China's transformation of the private colleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private undergraduate colleges, transition period, applied technology university, "double-quality" teacher
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