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Tianjin University Industry Characteristic University Transformation Development Applied Technology University Research

Posted on:2019-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330545487964Subject:Public Management
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In recent years,as China's economy and society have gradually stepped into the critical period of transformation and upgrading,there is an increasing demand for skilled personnel in our country.However,the current quantity and quality of talent can not solve the imbalance between supply and demand of qualified personnel.Therefore,construction and application Technical universities,improve the higher vocational education system,to fill the gaps in the application of skilled personnel,has become an important issue to be solved in the development of higher education.After the reform of higher education management system,there are many development problems in higher vocational colleges.These problems hinder the sustainable development of higher vocational colleges.Therefore,they have to reexamine their development authorities and adjust the development path.The transformation of colleges and universities is a complex process of change.It is bound to encounter numerous difficulties and needs to be solved.It is necessary to explore possible problems in the transition and put forward valuable suggestions and solutions.Based on the theory of strategic relevance and the related theories of development strategy in higher education,this paper studies the transformation and development of applied technology university in industry-specific colleges in Tianjin.First of all,this paper explores the status quo of the research on the characteristics of universities,universities of applied technology and the transformation and development of industries with the method of literature research,and elaborates the shortcomings of predecessors in related fields.Then,it reviews the history and characteristics of the development of university with characteristic industry.It briefly analyzes the current situation of the development of applied technology university and points out the need to make up for the construction of applied technology university.In addition,it takes Tianjin Zhongde Applied Technology University as an example to briefly explain the characteristics of Tianjin's the development of Universities of Applied Science;Finally,account for the background and necessity of the transformation of University of Applied Sciences with the characteristics of industry.Using SWOT analysis method to analyze the strengths,weaknesses,opportunities and challenges of industry-specific colleges and universities in Tianjin and summarize the results of the analysis.The questionnaires and interviews are also used to analyze the current situation of the development of colleges and universities in four industries in Tianjin and the possible transformation Finally,aiming at these problems,the author puts forward corresponding suggestions and countermeasures from three aspects of schools,countries and enterprises respectively to promote the successful transition of Tianjin University of Technology with the development of Universities of Applied Science.
Keywords/Search Tags:Colleges with Industry Characteristic, Universities of Applied Science, Transformational development
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