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How Temporal Leadership Influence Team Improvisation Ability

Posted on:2017-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As technology and tools(such as the Internet)iterative update faster and faster,it is more difficult to predict the external environment.Organizations with capabilities of rapid response and innovative measures will gain competitive advantages in such condition,this is what We called improvisation capabilities,which refers to the capability of puting forward creative measures in a short time.Considering the significance of improvisation capabilities,more attention was given to the construct by scholars.But when summarize related researches,most of which explored its effects on innovation performance,strategic change and competitive advantages,the researches about motivation and source of improvisation capabilities are rare.Since improvisation capabilities emphasize the specific contions of short time,so it is important to arrange and coordinate the limited time resonably.As the core member of team,leaders must be resposible for the above behaviors.Such sophisticated behaviors were named temporal leadership by Ancona.Because leaders are experienced in time management and coping with emergent situations,temporal leadership may influence improvisation capabilities in some degree.Team improvisation capability is a kind of activity to put forward innovative measures timely,which must be involved some decisions during this process,in addition,the attitudes and preference of members towards time and task are different,all of this may incur some decision conflicts.This kind of conflict will lead to interpersonal tensions and reduce innovation and investment to a certain extent,it will affect improvisation capability as well,leaders will act as conflicts dealer at this time.On the other time,researches of some scholars showed that innovation climate can influence creativity,as a distinctive creativity in specfic situation,improvisation capability will also be influenced by innovation climate.If there was friendly atmosphere which support innovation in team,it would influence the psychology and behaviors of team members of the decision-making in conflict situations to some extent,that may also affect improvisation capability.So exploring the relationship between temporal leadership and team improvisation capability as well as the influence mechanism of decision conflicts to the above two constructs,examining the influence of the climate for innovation on the relationship between decision conflicts and the team improvisation capability,that would not only promote the development of theory but also instruct the practice of corporations.First,related consructs will be defined on the basis of literature review,selecting appropriate measurement scale.Based on conflicts theory and context theory,and to clarify the relationships between variables through literature and inductive reasoning,puting forward relevant hypotheses,then we will test the above hypotheses and model by the use of statistical softwares such as SPSS,AMOS and Mplus which will be combined with large sample data.Conclusions are as follows:(1)the relationship between temporal leadership and three dimensions(i.e."letting go" ability,"bricolage" ability,and "making do" ability)of team improvisation ability are positive,which indicates that if a leader was proficient in managing and allocating the scarce time,the improvisation ability of the team will be at a high level,as a result,they can put forward more innovative measures to cope with unexpected situations.(2)the relationship between temporal leadership and decision conflict is negative.Once a leader was specialize in allocating time,coordinating relations between members and controlling the process of task,the level of decision conflict inside the team will be low.(3)the relationship between decision conflict and three dimensions(i.e.’’letting go" ability,"bricolage" ability,and "making do" ability)of team improvisation ability are negative.Decision conflict would occupy much precious time which can be used to deal with emergent situations,it can also strain the relationship between members,reduce the mining and using rate of existing resource,and hinder members from putting forward creative ideas and measures,all the above are against the development of team improvisation ability.(4)decision conflict plays a complete mediation role in the relaionship between temporal leadership and team improvisation ability,which showed that if a leader want to promote the improvisation ability of a team,she or he should strengthen the ability of managing time as well as dealing with team decision conflict,only by taking the above measures can a team build high level of improvisation ability.(5)innovation climate moderated the relationship between decision conflict and improvisation ability.More specific,if the innovation cliamte of a team is strong,the negative effect of decision confict on team improvisation ability will be weakened,so it is essential to building strong innovation climate for team.
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