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The Impact Of Implicit Followership On Employee Innovation Performance

Posted on:2018-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Innovation is a new engine of economic growth and a breakthrough in adjusting the economic structure.With the growing of public entrepreneurship and continuous innovation,leading the rnnovative performaneeoad to innovation-driven developmentit is imperative to lead the road to innovation-driven development.However,in terms of the current national conditions situation ofin China and,the concept of innovation have not yet deeply rooted in the hearts of innovative projects.Carrying on innovation project It will face many challenges to carry on innovation project.What's worse,And the atmosphere of innovation is not strong within the organization.So,it is necessary to encourage people to explore new ways and new technologies innovatively,to form practical solutions to the problem,to stimulate the vitality of the original organization and to make innovation as the driving force of organizational development.The innovation of the organization is ultimately derived from the innovation of the employee,and the innovative performance can be used as a refined measurement of the employee's willingness to innovation,the action and the refinement of the results.Employee's innovation performance is greatly effected by the leadership and the relationship between employees and leader,the complexity of the task and other factors greater impact.Therefore,based on the theory of implicit followership theory and leading leader-member exchange theory,this paper explores the influence mechanism of the implicit followership on the innovation performance of employees.By combing the existing research results,this paper constructs the theoretical model and hypothesis with the implicit followership,leadership-membership exchange(LMX),employee's innovation performance,employee ''s political skill and task complexity as variables.In order to reduce the influence of homologous common method variance,this paper investigates and surveys introduces 250 pairs of leaders and their direct subordinates.Using Spss22.0,Amos21.0 and Stata12.0 statistical software,this study was used topositively analyze the valid samples of 202 sets of successful samples.According to Tthe results of the empirical positive analysis,it is shown that the implicit followershipfollow-up of the leadership has a significant effect on the employee's employee's innovation performance,and LMX partly plays acts as a mediating mediatorrole between the two implicit followership and employee's innovation performance.Then,the results of the empirical analysisit is demonstrated that the political skill of employee is positively adjusting the relationship between implicit followershipfollow-up and LMX,and task complexity positively adjust the relationship between the positive and negative performance of LMX and innovation performance.It is the significance of the theory is that this paper first introduces the negative aspects of the implicit followershippursuit in the foreign maturity scale,and combines the positive and negative aspects of implicit followershippursuit to carry on the empirical positive analysis,and supplementsed the implicit followershippursuit theory is the lack of empirical researchby carrying on positive analysis.Then,it explores the influence mechanism of leadership implicit followershippursuit on employee's innovation performance,including some mediating role of LMX,positive adjustment of employee's political skill and positive adjustment of task complexity.The It is the practical significance is that organizations can motivate employees to innovate by strengthening positive implicit followership and improving the quality of leadership-membership exchange relationships.For different levels of political skills of employees,leaders take different leadership approach and reasonablye allocation allocateof task difficulty for employees with different levels of political skills.The proof of these adjustment adjusting measures provide a reference to improve the innovation performance of employees to provide a reference for innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:implicit followership, leader-member exchange, innovation performance, political skill of employee, task complexity
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