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Evaluation Research For The Growth Of National University Science Park Based On ANP

Posted on:2019-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330569978380Subject:Business management
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With the advent of economic globalization and the knowledge and information age with core of Internet and big data technology,innovation has not only become a core component and source of vitality of enterprise survival,but also an important source of national competitiveness.The 18 th National Congress of the Party clearly put forward that "scientific and technological innovation is the strategic support for improving social productivity and comprehensive national strength and must be placed at the heart of the overall development of the country”.As the main battlefield for technological innovation,enterprise cultivation,talent training and technology transformation in China's universities and colleges,China's University science and technology parks have experienced over 20 years of development.They have played a huge role in promoting local economic development.Science and technology parks have become bridgeheads and indicators for the development of high-tech industries in various countries.Based on the research status and relative theoretical foundations of the domestic and foreign science parks,this paper analyzes the status,problem and causes of aspects on the basic construction,entrepreneurial environment,hatching ability and construction achievements of National University Science Park through interviews,investigation and statistical yearbook data analysis.Under the prerequisite of analyzing the theoretical sources of the influencing factors of growth,combined with the company's growth theory,we analyzed the influencing factors for the growth of the national university science park from the among of growth resources,growth capabilities and the environment for growth,and initially proposed evaluation system for the national university science park growth.Delphi's method was applied to correct,perfect and ultimately determines the index system.The weight of the first-level index system is determined by the network-level analysis method,and the weights of the second-level indicators are determined by using the analytic hierarchy process.After that,the data of 50 national university science parks are standardized though the minimax method,and eventually determined the decisive scores and ranks by the linear weighted sum method.The scores were divided into there grades for growth distinction,including good,fair and poor.Finally,we will put forward countermeasures and suggestions to improve the growth of the National University Science Park which is generally and poorly growing in four aspects: Infrastructureconstruction,Entrepreneurial environment,Hatchability and Construction results.In the field of infrastructure construction:strengthening the infrastructure construction and makeing rational use of the infrastructure;In the environment of Entrepreneurship:optimizing the entrepreneurial environment and making the entrepreneurial mechanism flexible;In terms of hatching ability: looking for the hatching pivot and strengthening the hatching power;In the construction results: strengthening enterprise contact and enhancing the cultural atmosphere.
Keywords/Search Tags:National University Science Park, growth evaluation, ANP method
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