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Research On Reliability Evaluation Of Distribution Network Considering Feeder Automation

Posted on:2019-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H T ShangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330545466681Subject:Power system and its automation
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The distribution network is a terminal link directly connected with the customer,and its failure will have a direct impact on the power supply of the customer.Feeder automation is the core function of distribution automation system and can effectively realize fault localization automation,fault isolation automation and recovery of power supply automation of non-fault zone,deeply analyzing and modeling the operation logic and multi-state failure modes of FTU system is very important to complete the reliability evaluation of distribution network in coprating feeder automation.Now,there are still shortcomings in the application of the proposed model in the complex distribution network with feeder automation in current research.The physical characteristics of FTU feeder automation(failure probability characteristics and accelerating fault device lookup characteristics)are not fully considered.In view of this problem,this paper establishes its reliability model based on the failure mode of feeder automation system,which mainly includes the following contents:(1)First,the reliability modeling method of traditional distribution network is discussed,including the outage model of components in the network structure and the load model.In this paper,the reliability evaluation block allocation algorithm of complex distribution system based on fault diffusion is adopted.The algorithm is further developed on the basis of the original fault model consequence analysis method,and the complex medium voltage distribution system band is carried out.The feeder has a strong processing capacity.Based on this method,the influence of feeder automation system is studied.(2)Starting from the influence on the reliability of the distribution network,the reliability model of centralized feeder automation is studied.Firstly,the centralized feed automation technology is studied and analyzed,including the specific three remote terminal and two remote terminal in communication.The basic principle of the feature area division of the distribution network after the installation of the FTU terminal,and the fault location of the power system and the fault isolation area judgment based on the failure of the three remote terminal and the two tele terminal are further considered.Then,a multi state reliability model of feeder terminal is established,and the probability calculation method of each state is proposed.(3)The reliability evaluation method of distribution network with centralized feeder automation is studied,which focuses on the decisive analysis of the automatic fault location and the automatic isolation area division of the three remote terminal and the two remote terminal of the feeder automation.The new load area is classified,and the calculation method of power supply recovery time(power outage time)in all load areas is explained.Finally,the method of obtaining the load point of distribution network with centralized feed line and the reliability index of the system is obtained.(4)The design examples verify the scientificalness of the proposed models and methods,and analyze the effects of all failure states and the unreliable contact switch on the evaluation results of the FTU system joining or not,the three remote terminal and the two tele terminal,and analyses the effect of the different power supply recovery strategies and the FTU terminal configuration scheme on the reliability.The results of the paper can provide a more complete analysis tool for the reliability evaluation of the feeder automation system after joining the distribution network.
Keywords/Search Tags:feeder automation, reliability evaluation, distribution network, power supply/recovery, model
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