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Teaching Design Of Elementary Chinese Speaking Classroom Based On The Perspective Of Chunk Theory

Posted on:2019-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X N XiongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330545955370Subject:Chinese international education
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Chinese people use about 70 percent of their speech in daily conversations.The"chunk" in Chinese is a term borrowed directly from the English teaching world.Zhou Jian(2007)believes that "language chunk" is a unit of larger than words that often appears in various types of sentences and has sentence function.The role of chunk theory in Chinese teaching is very important.It can help students master the Chinese language habitual and generate the sentences that are commonly used by native Chinese speakers in practical language communication.The most important goal of our second language learning is to be able to fully express ourselves and understand the speaker's meaning without hindrance under any circumstances.To achieve this goal,the use of Chinese chunks is essential.Chinese language chunks are also one of the difficulties in learning Chinese.Especially for learners who don't have second language environment,it is not easy to learn chunks and use chunks to express themself.Therefore,in this thesis,students and teachers at the elementary level of the Mongolian National University of Education are targeted.Through investigation and analysis of students and interviews with teachers,the elementary speaking classroom teaching of Mongolian National University of Education is observed.Based on the chunk theory and combined with observations from classroom observations,the primary Chinese spoken language classroom teaching case for Mongolian undergraduates was designed and suggestions were made for teachers and students,hoping to provide some inspiration for the teaching and learning of primary Chinese spoken language in Mongolia.This thesis consists of a total of six chapters,which read as follows:The first chapter mainly introduces the research background and significance of this article,the relevant research summary,research content and methods.The second chapter mainly introduces the status quo of Chinese teaching in Mongolian National University of Education and reveals the problems in the teaching of Chinese speaking in the school.The third chapter includes the analysis of students' questionnaires,interviews with teachers,and the analysis of the teaching of elementary Chinese speaking language classes in Mongolian National University of Education.This section also includes the status quo of primary Chinese oral teaching in Mongolian National University of Education,the situation of learners' grasp of chunks,the difficulties in chunks learning,and the application of chunk theory in elementary Chinese oral teaching at Mongolian National University of Education etc.The fourth chapter puts forward suggestions for teacher teaching and student learning.Finally,the fifth chapter,the author summarizes the above research results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chunks teaching, Mongolian university students, Teaching of Elementary Chinese Speaking, Teaching methods
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