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On The North Stone Carving (Shenyang Area) Development And Inheritance

Posted on:2019-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This thesis is mainly to explore the perspective of understanding and analysis of Shenyang region stone-carving culture,from the overall outline,stone carving culture and historical background,the South and the north of carving skill and artistic expression of the difference has always been to modern society the traditional folk arts and crafts from innovative sculpture themes,techniques and tools on the results of the system to discuss;analyses the inheritance of Northeast China(Shenyang)Stone carving as a part of the inheritance and the development present situation of the intangible cultural heritage,in the local industry-Shenyang Wenwan 1huaiyuan gate,Lu Xun Park,north market Wenwan industry gathered in interviews and investigation,a detailed understanding of the current situation of local stone carving art deep into the local market,carving studio,taking the process of making and engraving techniques of inheritance of the identity system of learning and local carving.Art and life on the exchange of local heritage people,grasp first-hand information of the local culture industry and carving the inheritance and development of the real situation;put forward the development and inheritance of unfavorable factors or unfavorable conditions in the field investigation and literature research methods found in the inheritance and development of local cultural factors carving is relatively slow and the local climate,geographical location,cultural customs,inheritance and operation mode have a certain relationship.Carving material to olive,such as peach carved stone as the raw material,should be relatively humid and humid environment,Shenyang local dry climate in winter,storage and maintenance is not conducive to carving materials,carving material to olive olive as the main raw material and is mainly produced in Guangdong province of China near Guangxi province and the south,in the north of China not suitable for the growth of olive.Carving art first appeared in the Ming Dynasty,in the south of the ancient inland economy is relatively developed,Wenwan mostly admire men of literature and writing of art,the rise of relatively early,the traditional cultural heritage foundation,North China is the earliest gathering,nomads bold personality,in the culture and customs have significant difference between two groups.In succession,as the emerging cultural industries in the local stone carving studio,inherited the mentoring,academic as the representative,artisticaccomplishment is relatively high,but not enough depth of inheritance diversity.The south is inherited in a family style and is passed on from generation to generation,with a relatively deep foundation.In the mode of operation,Shenyang nuclear carving awareness is low,development is mostly in the South more economically developed areas.This paper can effectively solve the local carving industry as soon as possible to slow development problems through detailed analysis and comparison of stone carving culture of the above research achievements,help to carry forward the traditional culture,the protection and inheritance of traditional crafts,the intangible cultural heritage to show its value.
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