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E-C Translation Practice Report On Wedding Speeches And Toasts Based On Newmark's Translation Typology

Posted on:2019-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330566959577Subject:English translation
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With economic globalization and frequent culture exchange between different countries,the Chinese marriage culture has been influenced accordingly.Meanwhile,there are more intermarriages in China.Therefore,it is necessary for us Chinese people to know some western wedding etiquette.As an important part of social etiquette,wedding toasts which transmit affections and express blessings,provide us with an important way to understand the western wedding etiquette.This translation project is a translation practice,the original text of which originates from Wedding Speeches and Toasts,written by Barbara Jeffrey and published in 1998.The author chooses parts of chapters in this book for translation,then expounds the translation process based on Newmark's translation typology.The author introduces wedding toasts,Chinese and western wedding culture through the translation of wedding speeches and toasts.In the paper,the author elucidates Newmark's text typology,semantic translation and communicative translation,analyzes the problems in English-to-Chinese translation of Wedding Speeches and Toasts,and then makes a reasonable description and interpretation of the translation strategies used in the process so as to facilitate a better understanding of such a translation project.According to research contents,this translation report is divided into four parts.The first chapter is an introduction,which indicates the rationale,significance of choosing this subject and the description of the translation project.The second chapter elucidates the guiding translation theory for this translation practice.The third chapter is the core part of the report,discussing concrete issues and relevant strategies through case analysis.The last chapter is a conclusion part,which summarizes the translation practice,including the lessons from translation experience,the enlightenment of wedding toasts translation research,its limitation,and its direction for improvement.The most important finding is that text translation must be in accordance with the text typology.As Wedding Speeches and Toasts mainly belongs to the vocative text,especially expressing happy feelings,giving best wishes and arousing participants' same emotion,the translators should employ semantic or communicative translation flexibly or combine these two approaches correspondingly.Apparently,most of negation in Wedding Speeches and Toasts are not used for negation but for praise or for emphasis.Therefore,translators should adopt communicative translation and convert the negative words into positive sense so as to fit the joyous and happy atmosphere of weddings.
Keywords/Search Tags:wedding toasts, translation typology, communicative translation, semantic translation
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