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On The Contemporary Inheitance And Development Of Yongkang Tin Carving From The Perspective Of Non-heritage Protection

Posted on:2020-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This article is based on the contemporary inheritance of Yongkang Tin Carving.Starting from the overall overview and developmentof the project,and puttingit under the view of protection of intangible cultural heritage,this paper discussesYongkang Tin Carving inthree aspects: the main body,the means and the carriers.It focuses on the inheritance and development after Yongkang Tin Carving was enrolled in the Second National Non-material Cultural Heritage in 2008.By collecting relevant historical documents and phenomena,solidifying experiences and practices,refining problems in the development of the project,this paper explores the development model of non-heritage protection and inheritance with non-heritage group as the leading group.Besides,it providesreference for future research,and also provides some modes and experiences for the protection and inheritance of similar projects.The first part is the introduction,which mainly elaborates the origin of the research.Bysumming up the literature review on representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritagerepresentative projects,inheritance of intangible cultural heritage schools,and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage exhibition(museum)and so on,it briefly discusses the theoretical research status of intangible cultural heritage project protection.And by sorting out the relevant contents of Tin Carving research,this paper makes a preliminary exploration on the contemporary inheritance,development andresearch significance of Yongkang Tin Carving.The second part is the overall overview ofYongkang Tin Carvinginheritance.This paper introduces the background and current situation of Yongkang Tin Carving project fromYongkang's geographical and cultural background,the development of Yongkang Tin Carving and the basic production process of tin products.And it focuses on the development advantages of Yongkang Tin Carving from regional characteristic economy and cultural custom evolution.The third part is the analysis of the present situation of Yongkang Tin Carvinginheritance.This section highlights the current situation,that is,the focus of this paper is the contemporary inheritance and development.From the change and development of Yongkang Tin Carving among various main inheritance bodies after it was enrolled in the Second National Non-material Cultural Heritage in 2008,this paper discusses the contemporary inheritance advantages of the project which means the inheritance and development mode driven by the subjective initiative of the inheritance group.At the same time,the limitations of the project in the process of inheritance and development are also discussed through the market investigation and the analysis of Yongkang Tin Carving products.The fourth part is the countermeasure of the contemporary inheritanceof Yongkang Tin Carving.Discussion in this part is based on the extension of the author'sexpectations for the future development and the urgent desire to improve the implementation of the suggestionsof this project.It also contains some ideas of the author.The suggestions andexpectationson institutional mechanism,main inheritancegroup and mode exploration may besubjective,but it is the responsibility and subjective initiativefor a folklore student.The fifth part is the conclusion.It emphasizes the advantages of Yongkang Tin Carving non-heritage project in the process of contemporary inheritance and the measures that can be used for reference by other non-heritage projects.Of course,thereare also parts of the survey that feel powerless and pale.Therefore,we should treat the current Intangible cultural heritage,which has a long way to go,more dialectically and rationally.
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