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Report On C-E Translation Of Self-Evaluation Report On The Undergraduate Programmes Of Southwest Jiaotong University (Excerpts) In Light Of Text Typology Theory

Posted on:2020-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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University's self-evaluation report on the undergraduate programmes is one of the important means to gain insight into the university's performance,problems in its development,and the corresponding measures the university takes to settle them in the past five years.Nowadays,under the background of internationalization of higher education,the exchanges and cooperation between universities at home and abroad have been continuously strengthened.Therefore,as an essential means in facilitating exchanges and cooperation between domestic universities and those abroad,translating such report would be in favor of foreign educational evaluation experts' conducting the evaluation work on the university's performance.Furthermore,through the evaluation and communication,the universities and colleges abroad could have a deeper understanding of the evaluated university and establish a relationship with it for cooperation in promoting common development.This paper is a C-E translation practice report on the translation project of Self-evaluation Report on the Undergraduate Programmes of Southwest Jiaotong University,one section of which,totaling 10,044 characters,was assigned to the translator to translate into English.In the translating process,the translator has consciously applied Peter Newmark's Theory of Text Typology to guide the translation practice.Hence,under the theoretical guidance,some typical cases have been extracted from the source text,subsequently analyzed and studied in this paper.What's more,through the Chinese-English comparative analysis on the three levels of lexis,syntax and discourse,the typical difficulties encountered in the translating process and the corresponding translation strategies as well as specific techniques have been summarized.Based on Peter Newmark's Theory of Text Typology,the source text is primarily informative and slightly vocative.Hence,communicative translation as the main translation strategy should be adopted to process and deliver information in the source text.At the same time,in view of the specific difficulties in translating the terminologies,Chinese culture-loaded lexis,category words,sentences with subject ellipsis,paratactic sentences in the source text,and realizing cohesion in the target text,the translator applies communicative translation as the primary translation strategy and semantic translation as the supplementary.Under the guidance of the two translation strategies,the translator proposes and applies some specific translation methods as well as techniques such as free translation,faithful translation,literal translation,adaption,amplification,omission,division,restructuring,adding subject,using passive voice and adding connection words.Moreover,by engaging in the translation project,on the one hand,the translator gains a deeper understanding of translation practice under the guidance of the related translation theories;on the other hand,her translation skills have been significantly improved.Moreover,it is hoped that this report could offer certain references to the translation of informative texts on university's teaching performance and administration.
Keywords/Search Tags:University's self-evaluation report on the undergraduate programmes, Peter Newmark's Theory of Text Typology, translation strategies, translation techniques, semantic translation, communicative translation
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