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A Report On E-C Translation Of Making The PYP Happen In Light Of Text Typology By Peter Newmark

Posted on:2021-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330605950034Subject:Master of Translation
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With the rapid development of modern society,people are paying more and more attention to education.Both individual development and national development are inseparably intertwined.Primary education is the basis of education at all levels,which lays a solid foundation for the students'physical,mental health and their lifelong development.Making the PYP Happen(2009 version),a primary years programme of IBO(International Baccalaureate Organization),focuses on elementary education and introduces a bran-new curriculum ideology and developmental teaching method,helping primary school teachers to consider students' long-term developmental needs in an all-round way while designing lesson plans and preparing teaching materials in order to ascertain the concrete learning contents and to make students inquire on their own so that they can cultivate and develop inquiry spirit.The leading pedagogical ideas and unique curriculum structure of this programme attract the attention from the world with each passing day.Based on Buhler and Jakobson's linguistic theories of functioning patterns,Newmark put forward his particular text typology and category,among which expressive function,informative function and vocative function are common.He also pointed out translation methods,that is,semantic translation and communicative translation should be correspondingly applied to different texts.Undoubtedly,Newmark's translation theories give some enlightenment and extend,enrich the connotation of literal translation and free translation,thus paving way for and having substantive directive to further translation practices.In this thesis,under the direction of Newmark's text typology and with the combination of practical experience,the translator completed the E-C translation of Making the PYP Happen:A curriculum framework for international primary education(2009 version)and analyzed typical examples from lexical,syntactic and textual levels.The aim of the translation practice is to study text typology theory and to be adept in the translation methods,and to obtain the ability to flexibly apply them in translating educational texts.By this practice,the author acquired the knowledge of the characteristics,translation techniques and methods in educational texts and then had a deeper understanding of the translation notes,which will provide some guidance for such text type in future E-C translation and reference to those translators who conduct in related fields.
Keywords/Search Tags:semantic translation, communicative translation, primary education, informative text
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