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Research On Digital Resources For Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language

Posted on:2020-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K NiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330629982894Subject:Chinese international education
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Since the advent of the Internet half a century ago,the human society has become faster and faster in the digital process,and digital learning will become the main focus of classroom learning in the future.In the field of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages,the digitization of supporting resources for teaching Chinese as a foreign language is an effective method of digital teaching and has attracted the attention of researchers.At present,the research on digital teaching of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages is at the stage of large-scale development.The research on the digitalization of supporting resources for teaching materials in the second phase has stagnated.Scholars' attention is mainly focused on the third phase of online education and electronic teaching materials.The in-depth study of the digitalization of supporting resources for textbooks can lay the foundation for the third stage of research.This article take the supporting digital resources of the "Huanle Huoban" series of teaching materials in Singapore's Chinese textbook as an example.Starting from the resource ontology and user feedback,I conduct a questionnaire survey,collect data,and check the compatibility between the teaching materials and digital resources.Analyze the practical aspects of classroom teaching.This article first summarizes and analyzes the actual status of digital resources supporting Chinese textbooks for foreigners.The research finds that there are problems such as complex system operation,excessive irrelevant information,single content,and duplicate types.Secondly,researching the supporting digital resources of the excellent textbook "Huanle Huoban",combined with the results of the questionnaire survey,it found that its advantages are that it is highly compatible with thetextbook,has high practicality,can stimulate students' learning interest and timely monitor,and can carry out a variety of activities Take into account after-school review.Its disadvantages are that it is severely restricted by network and multimedia equipment;the navigation in the system is not clear enough;irrelevant content attracts students' attention.Based on the above research,this article proposes that digital resources should be highly compatible with teaching materials,easy to operate,rich in content and not redundant,and set up a reward and timely monitoring mechanism.In terms of hardware,this article also proposes a "equipment-software-service" integration concept to facilitate the realization of multimedia teaching in various regions.It is hoped that the above research results will be helpful for the compilation of digital resources and multimedia teaching of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.
Keywords/Search Tags:“Huanle Huoban”, the textbook of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Digital Resources, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
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