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Negative Impact Of Note-taking On Target Language Logic In Chinese-to-English Interpreting And Coping Strategies

Posted on:2021-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In interpreting activities,good interpretation needs to convey the logic of the source language accurately,clearly and coherently.In consecutive interpreting,the logic of the target language largely depends on the effectiveness of note-taking.Based on the analysis of the author's interpretation in 2019 Sichuan Family Education Mock Conference,this thesis identifies the logic problems in Chinese-English consecutive interpretation and their causes in the note-taking process,and provides specific coping strategies.By using case analysis,the thesis extracts and analyzes nine representative examples from the case in detail,and divides logical problems into logic mistakes,logic missing and loose logic.The author divides the causes of logical problems into two types: notes missing,which comprises missing key information and missing logic marks,and invalid note-taking,which comprises invalid note symbols or improper space arrangement of notes.Based on the author's personal experience and existing research,the author then provides two coping strategies: improving note taking methods and optimize attention coordination between note-taking and other tasks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese-English consecutive interpretation, logic of target language, notes in consecutive interpreting
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