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The Core Of Police Resources Configuration Institutional Research

Posted on:2018-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330518958974Subject:On-the-job Master of Laws
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In recent years,with the rapid development of China's economic and social interests,the profound changes in the social contradiction diversity multiple aspects of the risk accumulated and concentrated exposure,clear characteristics of a transition period,the public security organs,the security risk prevention and control stability and social management of the increasingly onerous task is arduous,with substantial criminal object and public security cases the increase of management.However,in the strict control of the policy and the downtown pressure on the economy increase,the fiscal expenditure ability is limited under the background of the coexistence of police in the police force in the allocation of resources shortage and serious chaobian contradiction;the main channel added police force is not smooth;the people's police occupation guarantee system is not perfect;the problem of non police activities over and began to highlight.It reduces the effectiveness of police activities and the quality of law enforcement,and hinders the healthy and sustainable development of public security work.The key to solve the above problems is to scientifically and rationally deploy police resources.Police resources allocation refers to the public security organs in accordance with the law,the exercise of police power to maintain social long period of stability during a mission,scientific and effective,full reasonable use of police resources advantage of the public security organs,in order to promote the development of social economy and the progress of a series of police resources efficiency priority,development planning,capacity to improve the quality of comprehensive utilization and management activities of an organic whole,including the organic integration of human,material and financial resources of the three.This paper is divided into five parts:the first part of the article involves the police,police resources allocation,based on the concept of meaning;the second part discusses the historical evolution of human resources allocation in Y province;the third part discusses the basic situation and problems of police resources allocation,and puts forward the existing serious chaobian coexistence,and contradiction between the shortage of police of the channel is not smooth,police occupation protection mechanism is not perfect,the four big problems of police resources consumption function generalization and non police activities;the fourth part of the combination of the Y provincial public security work the basic situation and characteristics,analyzes the causes of the problems of police resources allocation Y provincial public security organs:the major countries have less control code compiled with the background and rigid growth of police demand contradiction,call the police,the police have a single mechanism rigid occupation characteristics,different from other civil service functions of public security organs under the rule of law The degree is not high;in the background of deepening reform of public security comprehensive fifth part proposed to explore the establishment of police organization management dynamic adjustment mechanism,deepening the recruiting and training system reform,improving the social security system,the people's police.occupation to promote the function of public security organs and the construction of rule of law,four optimization of human resources allocation in fundamental measures according to the above problems and reasons.
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