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Research On Difficulties And Countermeasures Of Serving The People's Livelihood Of Government Archives

Posted on:2018-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W L ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330536975409Subject:Public administration
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Under the background of the rapid development of economy and society,the government archives work is an innovation of the people's livelihood service of the government archives department.Since 1990 s,with the deepening of national reform and opening up,more and more government files to participate in the country's strategic deployment.The eighteen Party Congress,according to the establishment of China socialist administrative system,the construction of service-oriented government functions,scientific structure optimization,clean and efficient,people's satisfaction,highlights the government public services under the new situation.As an important basis for people's livelihood services,government archives will be more fully involved in public services,social governance work.In order to satisfy the people's increasingly wide generalization,diversified,personalized and differentiated archives needs,establish the system of people's coverage of archives resources system and people's archives,has become an important task of the archives work in the new situation.This paper focuses on the basic goal of improving the people's livelihood of the government archives,in-depth study of the status quo and existing problems of the people's livelihood,and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions.The thesis has important theoretical significance and practical value.In this paper,by using the theory of government functions,public service theory and governance theory,taking Qingpu District of Shanghai city were investigated the difficulties of archives service of people's livelihood,based on a brief description of the core concepts of government archives,livelihood archives and so on,focusing on the government records service people's logic,change three aspects are expounded from the basic content and characteristics of the basic function,the government archives government archives serving the people's livelihood and traditional government function to the people's livelihood archives function.Based on the Qingpu district government archives service people's livelihood functions change the practice analysis,focuses on the factors restricting the government to carry out the work of the people's livelihood archives service analysis,at the same time,the transformation of government functions to serve the people's livelihood archives rare causes are analyzed,in favor of GDP tendency,are main government performance appraisal of the financial system to economic construction,traditional society reasons for the deviation of management mode.On this basis,to put forward from the macro level is mainly records the concept of change,the meso level is mainly the government financial investment,the micro level is mainly involved in the diversification of the main three aspects puts forward some countermeasures to optimize the government archives work to serve the people's livelihood.The innovation of this paper is: one is the foundation,the author consulted the relevant materials through the research found that the function of government and people's livelihood difficulties of archives service enhance the archives service ability is relatively small.Two is to provide a systematic and comprehensive study of the effective way to the plight of the people's livelihood of government archives.Three is the practical significance of the study,is conducive to further promote the development of government archives services livelihood.This paper tries to make a deliberate exploration of theory and practice of service people's livelihood archives of Qingpu district government,starting from the government archives serving the people to participate in social governance,through the concept of change,financial support,multi participation etc.,and improve the mechanism of government records service people's livelihood,the government serving the people's livelihood archives work healthy and orderly development,continue to eliminate the government records service people's livelihood difficulties,improve the social security and social governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Archives, Service Livelihood, Archives Function
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