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A Study On Improvement Countermeasures Of Government Archives Management In S District Of Dalian

Posted on:2019-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596961857Subject:Public management
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Government archives management is an inseparable part of government work,a necessary condition for improving government work efficiency and work quality,and maintaining the true face of government history.The Archives is the government archives management department that provides services for government work,production and other activities.At the same time,as the national economy grows and people's lives become more and more abundant,the public's demand for government archives information is also increasing.The archives collected and preserved by the archives are an important source of national archives resources,with national and social values.Some of the archives of district and county archives are increasingly valuable to government work and the public.The archives management department of the S District Government of Dalian is a comprehensive national archives at the district and county level.The government archives kept are archives of district and county government departments,most of which are grassroots functional departments and policy implementation departments,which directly affect people's livelihood and regional development.Compared with the national,provincial and municipal levels,most of the collections are policy implementation and livelihood files,both commonality and individuality.With the rapid development of modern technology,the contradiction of file management has become increasingly prominent.Therefore,the research on the archives management of the S district government in Dalian not only provides reference for improving the archives management of the S district government in Dalian,but also provides feasible countermeasures for the development of district and county government archives management.This article starts with the staff of the government file management of the main government file management.Using interviews,questionnaires and access to relevant data,and through the chi-square test and single-factor ANOVA test,the data of the survey results are analyzed to understand the basic situation of the archives management of the S district government in Dalian,and to find problems and Analyze the cause.After analysis,the main problems in the archive management of the S district government in Dalian are “low level of archives and informationization”,“insufficient staff and equipment allocation” and “difficulties in the open use of archives”."The old file management model","the lack of human and financial resources",and the "lag in the construction of the open system of archives" are important factors in the main problems.Combined with the actual work,this paper proposes countermeasures and suggestions from the aspects of innovative file management and publicity mode,strengthening personnel and equipment allocation investment,and improving the relevant rules and regulations for the opening and use of archives,in order to improve the archives management of the S district government in Dalian.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Archives, Archives Management Mode, Archives Disclosure, Archives Digitization
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