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A Study On Interpersonal Harmony Among Adolescents In Multi-ethnic Communities Under Multi-religious Beliefs

Posted on:2019-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545460456Subject:Ideological and political education
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It is of great significance to make further research on interpersonal harmony among adolescents in multi-ethnic communities under multi-religious beliefs.On the one hand,China is a multi-ethnic country and the western region is a typical multi-ethnic community.In the Western multi-ethnic communities,each ethnic group has its own traditional religious beliefs.The interpersonal harmony between young people and people based on different religious beliefs play an important role in promoting the harmony and stability of western societies and the building of a prosperous,strong,democratic,civilized,harmonious and beautiful socialist modernized state.On the other hand,in the conditions of different religious beliefs,being able to conduct interpersonal and harmonious interactions is of great significance to the growth and development of young people.It can meet the social needs in their growth,promote the formation and development of adolescents' healthy personality and healthy psychology,and promote the social progress and overall development of young people.The harmonious growth and comprehensive development of teenagers are based on social harmony.In the western region,it is fundamentally based on the harmony among multiple ethnic groups,and religious harmony is the harmonious maintenance of spiritual beliefs and cultural psychology.Therefore,studying the current situation and characteristics of young people's religious beliefs and interpersonal harmony in the Western multi-ethnic communities,exploring the positive factors for the harmonious development and how to better promote harmony are of great value to the comprehensive development of the western young people and the harmonious development of society.This paper adopts the method of literature research,questionnaire survey and case interview.Firstly,the paper investigates and analyzes the situation of religious beliefs and interpersonal harmony of young people in Ledu District,Qinghai Province,which is a typical Western multi-ethnic communities.Then,based on the Marxist and Chinese characteristics socialism religion and national unity development theory,this paper studies the relationship between different religious beliefs and the harmonious interpersonal relationship between young people more deeply.The last,by using Marxist theory and scientific method,this paper exploresthe cultivation of interpersonal harmonious communication ability of harmonious interpersonal communication in multi-ethnic areas under multi-religious belief,and puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.Using a multidisciplinary perspective of ideological and political education,religious studies,ethnology,ethics,and social psychology,the paper conducts a comprehensive study,which explores the current situation and problems of youth religious beliefs in Western multi-ethnic communities,and studies the conditions under different religious beliefs.Focusing on the interpersonal harmonious relationship between teenagers,these studies have enhanced the practical pertinence and practical applicability of the paper.From the results of the investigation and research,affecting by factors such as ethnic traditions,family factors,regional cultures,their own psychological growth,values,moral identity and conversion,religious cultural attraction,young people in multi-ethnic communities are largely religious.In the process of youth's actual growth,different religious beliefs have a dual influence on the interpersonal interactions among young people,which makes the interpersonal communication of young people in Western multi-ethnic communities present speciality and complexity.In different religious beliefs,the interpersonal communication of young people will become the fundamental force that affects the ethnic harmony and development of the Western multi-ethnic communities in the future.Therefore,we must strengthen the education of the Marxist religious outlook,world outlook,values and moral outlook for young people in western ethnic minority areas,promote tolerance and harmony among various religions and internal denominations,adhere to the Chinese orientation of religious development,and guide religions to adapt to socialist society,which are of great significance to the healthy growth of the young people and play an important role in promoting interpersonal harmony and religious harmony in the Western minority areas and promote social harmony and world harmony.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multi-religious Beliefs, multi-ethnic communities, youth, religion, interpersonal harmony
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