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Research On Government Behavior In The Development Of Industrial Clusters From The Perspective Of Urban Land Rent Theory

Posted on:2020-06-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330575957203Subject:Human Geography
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Industrial cluster is an important means for local governments to promote local economic development and improve local productivity.Under the development trend of world economic globalization,most countries or regions in the world put the development of industrial clusters in the key planning of government work.From the earliest handicraft industrial clusters to modern high-tech industrial clusters,the industries covered by industrial clusters are more and more extensive.The development of industrial clusters depends not only on the market for self-regulation,but also on market failure such as "lemon effect","negative external effect" and insufficient supply of public goods.Therefore,industrial clusters need the government to make up for the market failure behind them.Foreign scholars have studied industrial clusters since the20 th century.The most famous one is Michael Porter's explanation of industrial clusters in National Competitive Advantage.In his book,he mentioned that the development of industry is an important condition for a country to maintain its national competitive advantage.The development of industry depends on the development of its industrial clusters.The government improves industrial clusters by formulating industrial policies.Competitiveness,so that the country can maintain competitive advantage and improve productivity.As in the theory of urban land rent,by accumulating investment in industrial clusters,local governments can improve the differential land rent II in the region where industrial clusters are located,thereby enhancing the competitiveness of industrial clusters and promoting regional economic growth and productivity.From the perspective of urban land rent theory,local governments provide basic means of production for local economic development,industrial land planning and local production activities.In production activities,the government establishes supporting facilities for enterprises in industrial clusters,improves the production conditions of enterprises,and attracts "upstream and downstream" enterprises of industrial clusters by attracting investment.To promote the formation and development of industrial chains in industrial clusters,increase the value of local industrial land and promote the development of industrial clusters.However,in general,the research on the "role" and "behavior" of the government in the process of the emergence and development of industrial clusters is slightly inadequate.Taking the E-Jiao industrial cluster in Dong'e as an example,this paper adopts the methods of literature research and field investigation,through the field investigation of E-Jiao industrial cluster in Dong'e,systematically analyses and studies the local government's behavior in the development of E-Jiao industrial cluster in Dong'e from the perspective of urban land rent theory,and probes into the internal motivation,mechanism and essential law behind the government's behavior.From the perspective of urban land rent,this paper finds the problems of government behavior in the development of E-Jiaoindustrial cluster in Dong'e.According to these problems,the government should improve land use efficiency,optimize the environment of industrial clusters,speed up the transformation of economic development mode of enterprises in industrial clusters and build a "service-oriented" government,so as to improve the competitive advantage of industrial clusters and promote the development of regional economy and the improvement of productivity level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial cluster, Government behavior, Urban land rent, Corporatism, Service-oriented government
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