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Marx And Engels' Thoughts On Relations Between City And Countryside And Its Contemporary Enlightenment To China

Posted on:2019-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Marx and Engels' thought on urban-rural relations is an important part of the theoretical system of Marxism.It is scattered in the German Ideology?British Working Class?Communist Manifesto?Anti-Duhring?Family Private Ownership and National Origins?On Residential Problems Principles of Communism and other classic works.Marx and Engels believe that productivity is the fundamental factor that promotes the continuous development of urban-rural relations.Socialization is the most direct factor in promoting the development of urban-rural relations.The elimination of private ownership is the key to promoting the development of urban-rural relations and achieving urban-rural integration.It is precisely under the impetus of productivity and social division of labor that the society continues to advance,thus promoting the development of urban-rural relations from the same to the opposite,and then from the opposite to the direction of integration.In addition,based on the society at that time,they analyzed the capitalist society.They believed that under the condition of private ownership of capital,the opposition between urban and rural areas has widened the gap between urban and rural areas,hindered the sound development of cities and villages,and hindered the free and comprehensive development of people.Therefore,they advocate the gradual elimination of private ownership and the elimination of the old division of labor through the development of productive forces,the use of cities as a driving force and the effective integration of industry and agriculture,and eventually the gradual integration of urban and rural areas.Marx and Engels' relationship between urban and rural areas was formed in a specific social and historical background,but its rich content and propositions still have important guiding significance for the construction of socialist urban and rural areas in China today.The emergence of opposition between urban and rural areas in China has its own special background.To this day,the disadvantages and harms caused by this kind of urban-rural opposition are still obvious.Therefore,we should combine the universal principles of Marx and Engels's urban-rural relationship thought with China's national conditions,implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country,follow the path of socialist urban and rural development with Chinese characteristics,adhere to the idea of promoting the development of cities with towns and cities,and adhere to the people-oriented principle.Gradually realize the coordinated development of urban and rural areas so as to create favorable conditions for the construction of a new type of harmonious urban-rural relationship in China until the realization of the integration of urban and rural areas in China.
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